Split Rail Fence

Split rail is a beautiful style of fencing to have on your boundary.

Take a drive around any American rural neighborhood, and you will see a split rail fence bordering the fields and homes. The style of fence dates from the earliest days of settlers, and the tradition worked its way down the generations.

At Fence Supply Online we love the style of split rail fencing. Many of our clients have one on their property. Increasingly we see many urban customers looking to erect the rustic style fence around their homes. The quality and distinctive design make an excellent boundary for a large back garden.

When we propose a split rail fence to customers, we often get a wry look: ‘Is that not one the country boys?’ we get asked. Others would like one but think that they are too much trouble. The truth is that a split rail is easy to install, and the annual maintenance will not take too much time. To help our customers, we put together a list of split rail fencing types.

Included on the list of types of split rail fencing are:

  • The zig-zag fence is a beauty
  • Cedar is popular
  • The fence with double posts
  • Wood to use in split rail fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each type of fence.

The zig-zag fence is a beauty

One of the earliest styles of the split rail fence, and one you will still see today.

The zig-zag fence is exactly as it sounds. The fence zigs, and then it zags along the borderline of a field, or the property boundaries. The zig-zag fence is known as the snake fence in some parts, or even the worm fence in others.

It is very useful in wooded areas where the fence can work its way around tall trees in the way.

The split rails support each section of the fence. They lie on top of each other, without the need for erecting posts.

The zig-zag is easy to repair, and you can move it, if you need to, as well.

Cedar is popular

At Fence Supply Online we sell a lot of cedar fences.

Once you master the style of building one, you will have the fence installed in next to no time. We even have a video for you to watch and to get an idea of how to build a split rail fence.

The posts and the rails are of western cedar, and all the wood is pressure treated at the factory.

A well-looked after cedar fence will stand tall and proud for many, many long years.

The fence with double posts

Another style of the split rail fence that has been around for a very long time.

The double post fence does just as the name implies. You erect two posts, side by side, and no more apart than the width of a split rail. At the length of a split rail away, you put two matching posts. Taking the rails, you stack them between the posts and build to the height you require.

Double post fences are easy to build and repair.

Wood to use on a split rail fence

In any wood fence you should always use the wood best suited to your local climate. Ask your fence supply agent for guidance on the best type for your area.

We recommend western cedar, and it is all we supply. The cedar comes from forests that produce wood suitable for our particular climate.

In the early days, the American Chestnut was a popular choice. This amazing wood was available across the United States and was resistant to termites, rot, and bad weather.

Unfortunately, blight wiped out what was once a very sturdy stock of forests.

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