When choosing a fence material for your home, you not only need to consider the exterior design of your home but also think if it provides your home with the desired levels of security and privacy. At the same time, you shouldn’t let creativity and design take a back seat. Though wood and iron fences are opted for by many, a recent trend is the growing use of vinyl fences, largely driven by its cost-effectiveness and hassle-free maintenance. If you too are thinking of getting cheap vinyl fencing installed, knowing what types are on offer and how they could meet specific needs would help you to make an informed decision.

  • Vinyl ranch rails: If you need to keep your horses protected in the ranch or have an expansive piece of agricultural land where you need to keep the farm animals confined, vinyl ranch rails are your ideal bet. By installing our plastic fencing, you can stay free of worries related to their constant maintenance and regular repairs. For ranching use, you can get these fences in crossbuck, two rail, three rail and four rail styles. Though you can get vinyl rails in a wide variety of colors and even get them customized, two of the most color popular options are almond and white that many vinyl fence wholesalers.

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  • Privacy fencing: If you are looking for the ultimate in complete privacy, vinyl privacy fences with no gaps between the pickets could be your perfect solution. You can get sturdy yet cheap fence panels in varying heights of 6, 5 and 4 feet. From which you can take your pick based on what best suits your personal privacy requirements.

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  • Semi-private fencing: If you want the ideal blend between privacy and airflow, semi-private vinyl fencing with a little bit of spacing between the pickets would help. Despite allowing air and light to enter, such fences will block the view of outsiders to certain extent, thus giving you just the right dose of privacy.
  • Picket fencing: If you want to set up a domestic boundary and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, this classic fence style that imparts a timeless look to your home and its surroundings is just what you need. These versatile vinyl fences can be used in a wide range of landscapes to create a decorative, charming boundary. Depending on your personal preferences, you can get these fences in both contemporary and traditional designs.
  • Pool fencing: Used around pools, these fences need to adhere to the local building codes and are engineered accordingly. Usually, the minimum height of these fences should be 4 feet with picket spacing less than 4” apart. However, before installing these, you should know about your area’s code requirements by checking with your local building department so that you could adhere to them.

Important things to remember while buying vinyl fences

Once you have made up your mind about the type of vinyl fence you need to buy, make sure to opt for galvanized steel or aluminum supports at the bottom that won’t decay or rust like wood and iron. This way, you can ensure your fence has a sturdy support.

You should choose a vinyl fence wholesaler that would offer part replacement in the future since you would inevitably need such services over time. Buying from a long-term fencing company or wholesaler is always a wise choice since if your brand of vinyl fencing goes out of production, it would be a really tough task for you to maintain and keep your fence attractive and strong through the years.

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