Security is so important.

It is how you protect your business and the investment you put into it.

If you have a warehouse, office building, commercial premises or a shop you need to keep it safe. Building security fences for business, especially for those parts not always visible from the street, is a big step towards establishing more safety.

When building security fences for business it is vital not to skimp on quality or costs.

Some security fence ideas and tips for the ultimate in security fences business include:

  • Using Top Quality Material
  • An Entrenched Approach Works Best
  • Getting The Best Advice
  • Adding The Latest Security Extras
  • A Two-Layered Approach
  • Some Old-fashioned Extras

Let’s take a closer look to see how you can boost security.

Using Only Top-Quality Material

The top-quality material will make all the difference to that ultimate-in-security fence.

You do not want a fence which will blow down in a storm, or that will be easily knocked over by criminals.

At our store, we stock the high-grade fencing material of steel, aluminum and wrought iron to boost your security.

Such fences may cost that bit more, even though not as much as you may think, but they will always deliver on security.

An Entrenched Approach Works Best

There is no point in having the best of security fencing if it is not secured correctly.

Dig deep and get those fence posts entrenched in the ground.

The first part to get right is to bury the posts, steel posts, of course, deep into concrete. By doing this you will be making the fence strong enough to withstand impact damage from a vehicle or any other object.

Many people also bury the lower reaches of the fence in concrete too.

The idea is to stop intruders from burying under the fence, which is a weak spot that people forget in their designs.

Get The Best Advice

If security is important to you, then employ a security expert for some excellent advice.

They will have the experience and the knowledge to advise you on what is needed and where it may be needed.

The expert will guide you on materials, extras and on weak spots which may need further attention. The money you spend on this advice will pay off in the extra security you build into the fence.

An experienced person can also help you with a maintenance plan and on what you will need looking at in the years to come.


The Two-Layered Approach

Consider adding an extra layer of fencing for that extra layer of security.

Have a look at a local business which has a second layer of fencing and see how they do it.

A second fence, just inside the existing one may just put people off, because it is there.

The fence may also allow you to use materials, not approved for the outer fence, such as chain link or barbed wire.

It will give not only peace of mind but that second fence may also do an outstanding job of protecting your business.

Adding The Latest Security Extras

You can add many extras to a fence to boost its security value.

The addition of security cameras gives you another eye on what is happening outside.

Modern camera networks can be linked to the internet, allowing you to see what is happening when you are off-site.

At we have cameras and lighting which are solar powered, running independently of the electricity supply and keeping the batteries on charge all the time.

These LEDs are very powerful and the light given off can be blinding and disorientating to intruders.

Old-Fashioned Extras

Sometimes the old ways are the best.

If you are in a zone which allows barbed wire then adding it along the top of security fences for business is a good idea. The barbed wire will stop intruders from climbing over and will also put people off from even trying.

A fence which has the top bending up and inwards can also be very difficult to climb.

Good sharp tops to the fence also put the bad guys off trying to gain access to your property.

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