vinyl picket fence

Is there anything more American than a picket fence?

Who doesn’t love to see one running along the border of their yard? Or down the block when driving by?

A picket fence can be the perfect spot for a chat with the neighbors.

You build a picket fence with an eye to it lasting many, many years.

Maintenance is minimal and the most you will need to do over the life of the fence is to paint it annually and replace any broken rails.

The secret is in the building and any list of the ultimate material for a picket fence should include:

  • Wood Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Metal Fencing
  • Ornamental Extras
  • Gates

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Wood Fencing

The traditional picket fence has always been made of wood.

Planks cut to size, screwed to long rails running between fencing posts driven into the ground, is a basic picket fence in a nutshell.

Of course the design, shape and size vary from home to home and modern materials have led to many variations.

Always choose a long-lasting wood such as cedar, which won’t warp in the heat or rot in the damp. It is possible to buy the picket fence in readymade units these days and this can make the construction job a lot easier.

Painting the wooden fence is a great way to spend a weekend and to meet neighbors who will always tell you where you are going wrong.

Vinyl Fencing

The new kid on the block and vinyl is gaining many fans.

It is a very easy material to work with and maintenance is low.

You do not need to paint a vinyl fence and the most it takes is a hose down after a storm or during dry, windy weather.

It is essential with vinyl to choose the high-grade product, as inferior vinyl will suffer under exposure to sunlight and spells of bad weather.

Semi Privacy fence

post and rail with picket fence


Metal Fencing

Usually these days a metal picket fence is made from steel rather than the traditional wrought iron.

Steel performs better in all weather and maintenance costs can be reduced to painting and cleaning.

The steel is very rugged too and won’t blow over easily during high winds or in times of flooding.

Cleaning a steel fence can be as easy as running a garden hose over it when it gets dirty, though sometimes a wire brush may be needed.

Ensure that the steel is galvanized too so it won’t rust when open to the elements.

Aluminum also figures in picket fencing and is ideal for long, straight stretches of the yard, as it is light and not prone to bulging.

Ornamental Extras

There is a range of ornamental extras for your fence and gate posts on a picket fence.

Post caps are ideal to take away from the straight look of a picket fence. They also can add a touch of style to your finished work.

Many people opt for post lights at spots along the fence, to add a touch of color during the early evening.

Post lights can be lovely at Halloween or when you are having a barbecue and you don’t want to drown the yard in too much light.


You will have to get in and out of the yard.

There is a great selection of gates to add an extra bit of style to your fence without ruining the overall effect.

The gate is often the centerpiece of the construction and a good one will welcome visitors while deterring those you want to keep away.

Consider adding an arch over your picket fence gates and train flowering plants to grow up it to give some lovely color in the summertime.

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