When buying wood fencing, you want to make sure that you’re choosing an option that will last as long as possible. You want it to be eco-friendly, and withstand weathering and insect-related threats. In the past, that meant buying wood treated with a conventional pressure treatment method. Today, there’s a new option, CopperNap, which can make wood round rail fencing last for a very long time. Even in harsh environmental conditions.

What Is CopperNap?

CopperNap, or more appropriately, copper naphthenate, is a pressure treatment that helps ensure that wood can withstand the aging effects of UV exposure. As well as exposure to moisture, heat, freezing temperatures and more. It’s also used to treat wood and make it less susceptible to insect damage. What advantages does CopperNap treated wood round rail fencing offer over traditional pressure treated wood?Always happy to answer questions

One of the things that you’ll find is that CopperNap is very long lasting – outperforming conventional pressure treatment by a considerable margin. In fact, wood products treated with CopperNap come with a full 25-year warranty. Note that this is a petroleum-based treatment, rather than a water-based treatment, as is the case with conventional pressure treating.

That’s really what this new pressure treatment option is all about; ensuring that your fence investment lasts. It ensures longer lasting structural integrity and strength, loading capabilities, and durability.

Additional Sizes

With the right fencing company, you’ll find that CopperNap treatment makes additional post and rail sizes available to you. With conventional pressure treatment, only standard size posts and rails are offered. However, with CopperNap treatment, you’ll find jumbo posts and rails on offer. These can be used together, or they can be mixed. Jumbo posts with standard sized rails are a popular option that offers a similar aesthetic to conventional wood round rail fencing, but with a key difference.wood round rail fencing

The Same Beauty and Charm

It’s important to understand that CopperNap does not change the appearance of your wood round rail fencing. Whether you choose two rails or three rail post and rail fencing, it will still offer the same classic, rustic charm and beauty that you expect.

When it’s all said and done, wood round rail fence treated with CopperNap offers a better return on your initial investment. Combined with the beauty and charm that you want from your fencing.

Here is the Table from our Round Rail page:

Eastern Round RailWestern Round Rail
Only 4 inch Post and Rails6.5 inch End / Corner post and 5.5 inch line post with 3.5" or 4.5 inch rails
Multiple shipping pointsOnly shipping from 1 location
Water Based Treatment ACQWater Based Treatment ACQ