Washington DC is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited or lived. The architecture is incredibly stunning. On a recent trip back I set out to do a blog about the ironwork of DC. I got so many pictures and ideas it will be a multi-part blog showing unique ironwork of DC. One thing you will notice about DC’s unique ironwork is their lack of painting skills!

The first of my blogs will focus on a particular item I purely found by chance. It is the post footers that I noticed on handrails, boundary protection, and security fences. They are designed to protect the base of the fence or railing from damage. Just like our Fence Amor product!

Collar protection for post

In the above example, you can see that 2 different things are accomplished with the collar. #1 it serves as a weldable flange that the handrail welds too. Welding is the best and worst way to connect steel. It is the best because the weld strength is (if done properly) stronger than the metal it connects. It can be the worst if not protected from the elements or pitting in the weld and steel that does not get sealed by paint. #2 It keeps the post from the damage of string trimers just like our Fence Armor.

Base Plate Covers

Post Shoe protection

At the bottom of this handrail, you will see what is called a base plate cover or shoe. It serves to cover bolt heads that mount a plate to the slab. An also protects cleaning and sweeping equipment from damaging the post. A third option is covering the hole if the slab was cut with a hole saw to put the post into the slab.

Here is a closer view of a base plate or shoe.

base plate cover

Another beautiful example of the base plate cover is this brass handrail at the old Post Office which is now the Trump InternatMaintainingel.

Post shoes on brass handrails

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As a contrast look at this railing with exposed bolt heads.  

plated post with exposed bolts