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Any property can have any old fence running around the boundary.

Why not add a touch of style to a fence?  Personalizing your fence will make your yard feel more like home.

Vinyl and wood fences are popular, but they tend to look the same. Driving down some streets is no different than others, with all that bare wood and vinyl facing you.

We asked our experts for a few ideas that may appeal to those looking to personalize a wood or vinyl fence. Of course you may have your thoughts, and we thoroughly recommend using them on your fence. Why not send us a few?

Among the suggestions from the panel of experts are:

  • Go for something a bit different in the color scheme
  • Add a few lights to make a mark
  • Mix it up with a unique gate
  • Plants, flowers, and shrubs
  • Alternate panels and design along the fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Go for something a bit different in the color scheme

You don’t have to go for plain white when it comes to vinyl fencing.

Improvements in manufacturing now allow you to choose from a range of exciting colors.

Hunter Green, Redwood, and Weathered Wood are just three of the great colors available.

You can always go with the classic white if that is what you like

Wood fences are easy to paint, and you can choose from a few unique colors to make yours stand out.

Don’t forget to treat the fence first, so to protect the wood from the weather.

Add a few lights to make a mark

Accessories are a great way to make your fence look that bit different

We have an array of solar-powered lighting to add a bit of style to your fence.

The Copper Plated Prestige light looks great and always catches the eye.

The aluminum Imperial Solar Post Cap can go on all of the posts and make the yard a real bright spot at night.

All of our lights are solar-powered, and there is not any need to run cables from the house.

They are simple to fit.  A fence post adapter goes around the top of the post, and the light will sit tightly into it.

Mix it up with a unique gate

You may like the fresh look of the new fence and don’t want to mess around with color schemes.

It doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the fence with a few additions.

As well as adding lights you can also put in a unique-looking gate.

The gate can be the entry point to your front yard, and there are many styles from which to choose.

Often people add an arch or something similar to make it more welcoming.

Plants, flowers, and shrubs

You don’t have to go overboard when personalizing the fence.

The well-planned planting of a wide variety of plants, flowers, and shrubs will be eye-catching.

Vines grow well around fences, and the color you get from some of them will certainly help personalize the humble garden fence.

Shrubs which keep their leaves throughout the year take away from the newness of the fence.

Think of the fence as a blank canvas and add a touch of color with a good selection of flowers.

Alternate panels and design along the fence

This may not appeal to everyone, but it certainly personalizes the fence.

Try using panels of differing materials along the line of the fence. Maybe after a couple of vinyl panels use an aluminum one instead, and see how it looks. Just having something a bit different can make the fence look great.

How about using panels of different designs to add a touch of your style?

We have a wide range from which to choose and to make you think a little about the design of the fence.

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