French Gothic cap

Gothic vinyl post caps are very popular at the moment.

We know they are in demand, and understand why they are too… vinyl post caps add a bit of flair to your fence.

One of our clients asked for ideas on adding a touch of something a bit different to their fence. We know the fence well, as we supplied and delivered it to their home. At Fence Supply Online we like making deliveries and meeting the customer where they live.

The answer was obvious: use gothic post caps. Our client asked an obvious question too: why?

This conversation came up over coffee later and we all had answers to that one.

Among the benefits are:

  • They add a touch of flair
  • Gothic vinyl post caps are easy to fit
  • The post caps look good anywhere
  • Very little maintenance
  • Match the gothic vinyl post caps with lighting

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

They add a touch of flair

There is no doubting the elegance of a gothic vinyl post cap.

While other post caps are appealing too, the flair of the gothic style is obvious to see.

On a fence they can catch the eye, which could otherwise look a bit, well, bare.

A gothic vinyl post cap stands tall and proud along your fence line, making a statement about the quality of the product.

When you see them in place, you know that you are looking at a striking fence on the property.

Gothic vinyl post caps are easy to fit

We often get asked by customers about how easy it is to fit a gothic vinyl post cap.

The answer is easy, as it is for all other vinyl post caps.

To install the gothic caps, you attach an adapter to the top of the post. The post cap then clips into the adapter and will stay in place despite high winds. You do not need to fit them when installing the fence, though we recommend that you do. It is just easier that way.

It really is as easy as that to fit your fence accessories.

The post caps look good anywhere

You can fit the gothic vinyl post caps to any fence.

They will look great on the deck fence and around a porch fence too.

A garden fence takes on a lovely touch of elegance with the gothic vinyl post caps.

Even a privacy fence can take on a different style by adding post caps.

Very little maintenance

A great benefit of all vinyl fencing products is that they take so little maintenance.

The most you will need to do is clean it down after a storm or after a long, dry, and dusty summer.

You should also do an annual inspection to check for cracks, splits, or any loose joins between the rails and the posts.

With the gothic post caps, you will only need to clean them and make sure they fit tightly into the adapters.

Very little maintenance makes looking after a vinyl fence a pleasure.

Match the gothic vinyl post caps with lighting

We recommend to clients that they add some lighting to a fence.

Not only does lighting look good and brighten the area, but it also adds a level of security.

At Fence Supply Online we offer a wide range of solar lighting products. As the gothic vinyl post caps are elegant, they will match with most styles of lighting.

Our solar-powered lights fit easily into the post cap adapters. They get power from the sun and you do not need to run any ugly wiring on the posts.

Add extra flair to your fence with the right lighting .

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