Create Your Dream Property By Landscaping With Decorative Fencing

Ornamental iron fencing and an elegant flower garden just go together, without question. How many times have you seen it in your neighborhood? The wonderful flowers, against the backdrop of the ornamental iron fencing. Quite a few times, no doubt.

At Fence Supply Online we often get asked by clients for advice on fencing types. The usual questions are about the styles and function of the fence. Some people are surprised when we suggest the ornamental iron fencing, with an elegant flower garden. ‘Too rigid,’ or ‘too plain,’ and ‘I’m more of a wood fence guy,’ are just a few of the replies we get from clients.

We asked our team of experts to come up with a few ideas on improving these views. They came back with a lot of suggestions, and most of the ideas are easy to implement. We took some of the best ones and put them together for this post.

Included on the list for using ornamental iron fencing for an elegant flower garden are:

  • Choosing the ornamental iron fencing
  • Match the flowers to the iron fencing
  • Advantages of iron fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Choosing the ornamental iron fencing

Take a look at our range of ornamental iron fencing before making up your mind.

You can choose from styles to suit your garden design, and the choice may surprise you. The right iron fencing will do a brilliant job of catching the eye of visitors and adding curb appeal to the home. When you match it with the right flowers, you will have a centerpiece of note.

Always choose powder-coated iron fencing, which will not rust and is low maintenance.

Match the flowers to the iron fencing

You may need to ask your local garden center for advice on the best flowers. We always recommend using ones that give bright colors throughout the spring and summer seasons. If you time the planting correctly, you will get color right into the fall.

A low, privet hedge will grow through the fence but not hide the style. The greenery will give a solid background for the bright colors of the flowers.

Matching the flower colors and the fence should be easy but always plant ones that will last through the growing season.

Advantages of  iron fencing

Ornamental iron fencing is not just a pretty addition to the garden.

It will add security to the front and rear of the property. An iron fence is difficult to climb and to cut through or even ram with a vehicle. If you install powder-coated iron fencing, the maintenance is low and often will only need to wash it a couple of times a year. You can install Puppy Panels to keep small animals in, or out, of the property.

The advantages make your investment more than worthwhile

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