The internet has a lot of misconceptions and mistruths about the vinyl products. Today I would like to take a minute to clear up some of the biggest myths.


Co-extrusion vs. Mono-extrusion

This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. It has to do with how the product is made and where the UV protection is located. Both methods use titanium oxide for the UV protection. Titanium oxide (TiO) is a timeless product that is even found in products like Desitin.

So, let me ask you a question. When you are going to be exposed to the sun at the beach or pool, how do you protect yourself? Do you take a pill to prevent sunburn? Of course not! You apply the sunscreen to the skin, on the outside, where the sun is, right? That example is a perfect summary for the difference between the two types of vinyl fences on the market. Mono-extrusion mixes the titanium oxide into the mix and is dispersed throughout the product. It takes a pill to keep it safe from the sun! Co-extrusion applies 100% of the titanium oxide to the outside as it is extruded. It is NOT a separate addition as they are bonded together at the extruder. Co-extrusion is not a wrapper around the post it is part of the post. Co-extrusion puts the UV protection on the outside, where the sun is.


Virgin vinyl

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a very versatile product that is used in countless products around the home, not just your pipes. Many sites claim to offer 100% Virgin Vinyl fences. The line they cross is proclaiming that the vinyl has never been used. Miss cuts or damaged PVC can be reground into tiny chips and re-extruded to make a new product. Regrinding of miss cuts and damaged pieces helps keep a huge amount of product out of the landfill. But can you recycle an old fence? The chance of dust, dirt, and debris, particles damaging the extrusion mold are far too great. A single die starts at $60,000 and takes months to make. The smallest amount of debris would scratch the mold and foreign plastics do not play well with PVC. Vinyl does not play well with other plastics. Recently a disgruntled employee tossed a plastic coke bottle into the grinder contaminating the entire batch which caused the PVC to look like Swiss cheese once extruded.

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