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Fencing can serve many different functions; to enhance landscaping, for safety and security, noise reduction and privacy, or for the simple task of keeping livestock penned. Whatever the purpose, there are any number of types of fencing to consider.flat-top-picket-300x291.jpg

Before deciding on the purpose and type of fence you will install, you will need to consider a few things:

1. Know your boundaries. Make sure you understand where your property lines are so that you are not installing fencing on neighbors’ property.
2. Check with your homeowner’s association or other area groups for restrictions on the types and sizes of fencing allowed.
3. Investigate the need for building permits and other local zoning laws.

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Once you have determined the perimeter and know the restrictions, it is time to decide on the purpose and type of fencing you can and want to install.

• Decorative

A fence installed for decorative purposes will enhance the appearance and likely increase the value of property. Types of decorative fencing can be picket fences, rail fences, and even some privacy fencing. All decorative fencing can be made from vinyl, wood or iron. These fences are usually used for surrounding the yards of the home.

• Privacy

Privacy fences are usually preferred by homeowners who have children or pets that need protection or to reduce noise and keep out unwanted predators.

• Livestock Fencing

The type of fencing for livestock depends on what type of animal will be contained. Fencing in horses requires sturdier and higher fences to prevent them from jumping over them. On the other hand, if it’s sheep you want to contain, a lower fence is appropriate.

• Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing is usually the first fencing installed on the boundaries of property to keep livestock in and unwanted predators out. This type of fencing is usually permanent.

• Corral Fencing

This type of fencing is intended for small areas inside the perimeter fence. They enclose high-traffic areas, usually used to corral livestock and also to load and unload them. These fences should be sturdier and more secure than others.

Wholesale vinyl fence supplies can be used for all types of fences

Vinyl is an excellent choice no matter what kind of fence you need or prefer. Whether you need a decorative, rail or privacy fence, you can choose an option made from vinyl. Since vinyl is practically maintenance-free, it will maintain its durability and appearance for decades.

Our product line includes a variety of styles and colors to fit personal landscape and structural needs. We also offer the specialty tools needed to install vinyl fences and can custom build gates to suit specific needs. These fences are made of High-Density Polyethylene for durability and performance.

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We also offer quality wood and iron fencing supplies, all at wholesale prices. We are physically located in Texas, but we ship anywhere in the world!

Fence Supply Online grew out of a family owned fence supply business in East Texas in 1992. Our vast agriculture experience in building barns and corrals soon expanded into equestrian centers. Compounding on the expansion of the agriculture side of the fence business, several landowners asked us to build personal fences for their pools and homes.

We eventually expanded to providing our quality materials online to offer our expertise to a wider audience. Our goal is to provide you with the best products at the most economical prices. We have personally installed every product we sell, so we can provide you with expertise in building the products, as well.

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