Vinyl Privacy fences are durable and safe.

If you’re a homeowner looking to install a fence, you need to consider several factors. You want to protect children or pets, but you also want to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior. Whatever its purpose, a fence can function in many ways, but the first step is deciding what you’re looking for to choose one that works for you.


A wood picket fence is a classic look but think about the commitment you’re making. Wood fences may require staining or sealing and can warp and rot over time. Consider a low-maintenance material, such as vinyl, that offers the look of wood without the elbow grease.

A word of caution: Don’t decide on the type of fence or its materials before checking in with your homeowners or neighborhood regarding covenants that dictate fencing look, height, and material. You don’t want to install a beautiful fence, and then find out it’s not allowed!

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Why a privacy fence?

Some homeowners choose privacy fences for a number of reasons. They may have children or pets that need perimeters to avoid them wandering off the property (or to keep unwanted animals out). Or they may want to block noises or add privacy. If your home faces a busy street, a privacy fence can create a peaceful backyard space. You may have a pool or other structure that you need to secure to avoid tragic accidents resulting from outsiders getting in.

If you do decide that a privacy fence is what you want and need, you will then need to consider the materials you use to construct it. Wood and vinyl are the main choices for privacy fences. Wood can be less expensive initially, but the cost and effort to maintain it can be prohibitive. It is also prone to insect infestation and rot from the elements.

Benefits of vinyl fencing

Vinyl Privacy Fences are increasing in popularity because of their practically maintenance-free feature. To keep vinyl fencing looking fresh and clean, all you need to do is occasionally wipe it down with soap and water. Unlike wood, there is no need to paint, stain or treat it every year or two. Vinyl fencing may be more expensive as an initial investment, but because it is long lasting and requires little upkeep, it is more economical in the long term.

Vinyl fences are also strong and durable. Because they are more flexible, they are less likely to break or crack in strong winds. Vinyl will also not be impacted in areas affected by sea salt.

Unlike wood fences, vinyl does not splinter, making it safer for children. Also, animals cannot chew through it, so your pets will stay in and the unwanted animals will stay out. Vinyl is also non-toxic because it is not treated with chemicals that are harmful to people, animals or the environment. It can be recycled once it is no longer needed.

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