Not all fences are built alike. When it comes to businesses, some owners are looking for curb appeal while others want security and privacy. Some want both. Which fence type is ideal for your commercial building? Here is a brief overview of the major choices at your disposal.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

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Business owners of all types have come to consider decorativeiron fencing to be an industry standard. Iron is extremely sturdy and durable, and its robustness offers enhanced security for your commercial premises. And since its appearance is ornamental, it offers amazing aesthetic appeal, and design options are endless. From an administrative point of view, ornamental iron fencing is especially beneficial due to its low maintenance requirements.

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Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing also has various commercial uses. Wood, of course, is a natural choice for agricultural applications like livestock containment. It also offers a natural blend with a farm’s surrounding while providing security.

But wood fencing has various other uses as well. For instance, if you have an outdoor restaurant, you can use a picket and flat design for privacy. Moreover, wooden fences can be used to obstruct items like trashcans. Woods only drawback is the relatively short lifespan.

Note:  If you have an agricultural business, you can also go for welded mesh fencing, sometimes called “No Climb” fencing. It is difficult to climb and essentially burglar-proof. It is also quite easy to install.

Vinyl Fencing

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Like iron fences, vinyl fences are extremely durable. These fences do not get damaged over long periods of time thanks to their UV coating. Vinyl fencing is also beneficial because it hardly requires any maintenance apart from periodic cleaning. Moreover, since the color goes through the fence, there is no need to paint the fence as well. Business owners will appreciate the security and aesthetic benefits of vinyl fencing. However, proper installation is necessary for vinyl fences to last long.

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Chain-Link Fencing

If you are looking for a fencing option that can be installed almost immediately, then chain link is what you need. Chain link fences are identical from all sides, although you can enhance their look through colored powder coating. Since it is made of steel, chain link fencing is highly robust and durable. It resists corrosion and lasts for years.

It is mostly used in industrial and construction settings, especially because it can be used indoors as well, i.e. to create further secure storage spaces inside warehouses. Chain link fences can also be utilized to secure a small area.

Other Fencing Options

Other options include barbed-wire fences and composite fences. All fence types come with their pros and cons. Keep the following questions in mind when choosing a type of fence for your business:

Is the fence integral to the function of your business?

How important is curb appeal to your business?

How much are you willing to spend on fencing?

Once you answer these questions, consult a reputable fencing company like Fence Supply Online, as professional consultation is always a good idea for commercial fence installation.