Garden jewelry is getting a lot of coverage lately. It is proving popular with those who want their garden to look good but also with people who like a good design scheme.

To a lot of traditionalists, garden jewelry is just a bit of a fad, but those who use it, know how much value it brings to their yard.

We love garden jewelry here at Fence Supply Online. Our experts still get a laugh when clients look a bit surprised when we suggest it. Fans of garden jewelry know its benefits, though, and put a lot of thought into each piece they buy.

“What is garden jewelry and why would I need it?” asked one of our clients recently. Later over coffee the subject came up again, and we drew up a list.

Some of our favorite pieces of garden jewelry are:

  • A trellis for growing flowering plants
  • The right arbor always looks great
  • An ornamental mail post
  • A vinyl picket fence

Let’s take a closer look at each piece of garden jewelry.

A trellis for growing flowering plants

Is there a better sight on a summer’s day than the side of your home covered in beautiful blooms?

Just think of those deep purples, bright blues, and vibrant red flowers catching the eye and attracting bees and butterflies to the garden.

A trellis is the perfect way to encourage plants to grow up the side of your home.

All of our trellis products are of vinyl, which will not rot, fade, chalk or crack.

You can attach them to the walls with minimal fuss, and maintenance is low too.

Training the plants to grow through and around the trellis is not tricky.

We have several styles, and you will find one to match your tastes.

The right arbor always looks great

Matching the flowers on the walls with those growing in the garden is easy to do.

A well-placed arbor will stand out, and with some beautiful flowers growing up it, you will have a design scheme going.

Our arbors are of vinyl, guaranteed not to fade or peel in the summer sun. They are straightforward to install and are the perfect way to break up a long path or hedging.

The arched Nantucket and Livingston arbor styles look lovely when in place.

Our Newport and Fairfield arbors are flat across the top, giving you something that bit different in the back yard.

Arbors are easy to install, but you may need to purchase anchoring posts, when ordering.

An ornamental mail post

There is always something great about design which has a function.

You will certainly get that with our ornamental mail posts. They are garden jewelry that you can use every day, all year round.

We offer a selection of styles, but we are sure to have one that appeals to your tastes.

The mail post stands tall and proud on your property, and the neighbors will be asking you where you got it.

They are of durable vinyl. The posts are easy to assemble and install.

Vinyl needs very little maintenance and is simple to keep clean.

A vinyl picket fence

Not everyone’s first idea of garden jewelry, but a well-placed picket fence will add to the look of your property.

If you run one across the front lawn, it can break up the green feel of the view and gives the kids a separate play space.

Our vinyl picket fences will not rot, fade or chalk. They are of very low maintenance, and you can keep one clean with the garden hose.

Take a look at the vinyl picket fence when designing your garden.

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