Iron fencing is so easy to install.

It’s true, though not everyone believes us when we tell them. Many customers are put off by iron fencing, as they think it is difficult to install. This is not true, but it is an old belief which we aim to disprove once and for all.

Iron fencing offers so much to the property owner. It is a stylish fencing type and one which only adds to the overall décor of the garden. You also get excellent security; the durable panels and posts will not snap or break under impact.

There are practical benefits too, such as excellent animal control and keeping the kids safe on the property.

At Fence Supply Online, we get a lot of inquiries about iron fencing. Many of the questions are about installation and if iron fencing is suitable for a DIY project? The subject came up recently over coffee, and we got to thinking about ways of putting customers’ minds at ease. We put together a list to help make up our customers’ minds.

The list of what makes iron fencing so easy to install includes:

  • Installing is easy with an iron fence
  • Once you have the posts in place the rest is simple
  • Brackets make installing the iron fencing very easy
  • Puppy Panels look after the pets

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Installing is easy with an iron fence

We supply our iron fencing as a complete one-stop-shop solution. You get the posts, the pre-fabricated panels, and our revolutionary bracket system.

Getting the iron fence as a kit means you have all the parts at the one time. This makes installing the iron fencing easy to do. You will not have to go back for the right posts or panels; you will have them all on site.

Using our Draw It & Quote It software will help you plan and cost the project from start to finish.

Once you have the posts in place the rest is simple

The fence posts are critical to any fence installation. When you have them in place, the rest of the work is simple to do.

This is as true with iron fencing as with any material.

We supply the iron fencing posts with the panels. When you map out the line of the fence, make sure you mark where each post will go. The post will slot into the 8-foot centers but keep them in line.

Once you have a good number of posts in place, you can start with the panels.

Brackets make installing the iron fence very easy

Our iron fencing comes prepacked, and it is a good idea to have the panels close to where you are working.

We supply a unique bracket system to make installing easy but also secure. You slot the brackets into the top of the panel and the corresponding hole at the bottom. Fit them fully into the iron fence panel. Now you place the panel against the pre-drilled hole in the fence post. Screw the bolt home, top and bottom, and your first panel is ready. Repeat as you work your way along the fence.

There is not any need for cutting, welding, or drilling when erecting an iron fence.

Watch our video for a full idea of how the brackets make installing the iron fence so easy.

Puppy panels look after the pets

Do you have pets on the property?

Our Puppy Panels will keep them safe. They are easy to install, and the puppy will not escape once they are in place.

They attach to the foot of the fence, and you can remove them if you move home.

Puppy panels can keep wildlife out too.

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