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Wood ranch fencing is still the most popular choice with our rancher clients. They have options these days, with top-quality vinyl giving wood a run for its money. What wood has behind it is the tradition of being the typical fence on any ranch.

At Fence Supply Online we know how important wood ranch fencing is to our clients. We often discuss the options with them but usually get the same reply. ‘No, thank you, but we are sticking with the wood fencing,’ is the standard answer we get when we offer alternatives.

We got to talking recently over just what makes wood the better choice for ranch fencing. Our experts had many suggestions, and at times the arguments got quite heated. After things calmed down a little, we put the best suggestions together and they made their way into this post.

The list of what makes wood the better choice for ranch fencing includes:

  • Wood ranch fencing is affordable
  • It is easy to repair
  • Livestock know it is there
  • Wood ranch fencing is robust
  • Tradition lasts for a reason

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Wood ranch fencing is affordable

The chances are that your ranch covers a lot of land. Those paddocks will need fencing and a lot of it too. When you start to plan a project, it may surprise you how much you will need to spend.

Use our Draw It & Quote It software to get an idea of costs for your ranch fence.

American wood fencing is the affordable option. Usually, Southern Yellow Pine, or in some areas cedar, is the wood of choice. As they are native woods, they can be resistant to termites and the effects of our harsh winters.

We supply only pressure-treated wood, which gives the fence another layer of protection.

It is easy to repair

The beauty of a wood fence is in how easy it is to repair

If a rail snaps or cracks, all you need to do is replace it with another one of matching quality. The same is true of posts. We recommend that ranchers keep a stock of rails and posts on the property for quick repair jobs.

Having the fence back in action without calling in a crew is always good news.

Livestock know it is there

The scent of wood is always in the air. Especially so during the warmer months when the horses and cattle will be in the paddocks.

The animals know the wood fence is there and respect it.

They can see the fence against the green background, and looking at the horses skirt a wooden fence is always worth watching.

Wood ranch fencing is robust

It is not easy to snap or break a wooden rail or post. You can stand on one, lean over the fence and even knock off it, without doing damage.

The wood ranch fence is robust and can withstand a lot of roughhousing. They stand tall and proud on ranches for many years, and with the right care, they will only need repairing from time to time.

Staining and sealing a wood fence will keep it free of rot and termites.

Tradition lasts for a reason

We know wood ranch fencing is the traditional choice, and there are reasons behind that choice.

Ranchers just love the look, feel and smell of a wood fence. They know they can rely on it and it will be there for many years.

Keeping up traditions is part of ranch life, and the wood fence is one of the big ones.

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