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Always to check what permits you need when erecting a boundary fence.

If you need a permit and do not get one, the fence may have to come down.

It is very important to check the permits you need for any job but especially on a boundary fence.

When erecting a boundary fence always ask the following questions:

  1. Do I Need A Permit?
  2. What Type Of Permit Do I Need?
  3. Do Different Fences Require Different Permits?
  4. Where Do I Get A Permit?
  5. What Kind Of Fence Does Not Need A Permit?

Let’s take a look at the rules and regulations.

1. Do I Need A Permit?

Assume yes and you will not go wrong.

Always ask at the local county office or check online what their website says.

Do not ask a friend or neighbor because, even with the best will in the world, they may be wrong on this one.

Your local county office or website will quickly put your mind to rest with all the details you need for a permit.

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2. What Type Of Permit Do I Need?

The big question.

The straightforward process begins by asking the official at the county offices about permits.

For a boundary fence, you will need a boundary permit. If there is an existing fence, which you are replacing, you may not need a permit but always ask first.

Rules and regulations differ from county to county so the advice from your cousin next one over may not be correct.

3. Do Different Fences Require Different Permits?

There are factors in determining the need and the type of permit required when erecting a fence.

Height, materials used, length and where the fence is going to stand are big influences.

In some areas, especially outside the urban district, height and materials may not be a major factor.

Cities are different though, where there can be strict regulations on height and material used.

Many city councils do not want the streets lined with high, impenetrable fences, which only make the landscape look like a high-security fort.

Also, the use of barbed wire is forbidden in cities, though it may be necessary on a ranch or rural home.

Fences less than 4 foot may escape the need for a permit but remember the golden rule of always asking a local official for advice.

4. Where Do I Get A Permit?

The simple answer is that getting a permit is not particularly complicated.

You will usually get a boundary fence permit from your local county or city office.

Many official bodies allow you to buy one online, once the paperwork is in order.

The paperwork will consist of the application form, a map, a list of materials and sometimes written permission from a neighbor if you share a boundary. You may need to give 30 days notice before beginning to erect a fence, to let neighbors know what you are doing.

If you are using a professional fence installer they may get the permit for you, but check before they begin the work.

5. Which Boundary Fence Does Not Need A Permit?

The answer may differ from area to area.

Often a fence that is less than 4-foot high will not trigger the need for a permit.

A fence that is set back from the boundary may not need a permit, but height and materials will matter here too.

A simple picket fence you are erecting for decorative use more than as a boundary may not need a permit.

If you are erecting a fence, without the need for a permit, it may be a good idea to okay the plan with a neighbor.

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