staining wooden fencing

“Is staining wooden fencing a good idea?” asked one of our newer clients recently.

When looking for a new fence for his ranch, he gave Fence Supply Online a call and after choosing the right fence, he had a few more questions. As with all new customers we stress the care and maintenance of a fence. Wooden fencing does need care from day one, though maybe not as much as you may think.

The question of what to consider before staining wooden fencing came up later that morning over the coffee and cookies. The nodding and muttering were the same as always and after a lot of discussion, the wise heads came up with plenty of ideas. Most of the tips made sense, and a few were a surprise to some but there was a general agreement before the last cookie disappeared.

Our list of what to consider before staining wooden fencing includes:

  • Check for damage before beginning the work
  • Does the wooden fencing need staining?
  • Do you want to color the wooden fencing?
  • Choosing the best staining products makes sense

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Check for damage before beginning the work

Often we get clients looking to stain a fence that may actually need replacing.

At best, they may need to do extensive repairs before doing any work. If the fence is very old the money you plan to spend on staining may be better invested in a new installation.

Take a walk around the fence and look for signs of long-term damage. Check for the dust and holes from termites and examine sheltered spots for signs of mold and decay.

You may need to apply an insecticide before doing the work.

A good clean with a power-washer is essential too.

Does the wooden fencing need staining?

Another question we get from customers installing a new fence is about staining the new project.

We always recommend leaving the wood climatize to the new surroundings and for the fence to settle fully in the ground. After the summer and before the rains of the fall and winter, can be a good time. A fence in place from early spring could be ready before the warm air of the summer gets to work.

You can also buy the wood pre-treated and stained in a shade you may like.

At Fence Supply Online our wood is pressure treated and sealed before it goes on the market.

If you are not planning to stain as a way of changing the color, then hold off for a few seasons.

Ask your fence supply agent for advice on this one.

Do you want to color the wooden fencing?

Staining is a beautiful way to protect a wooden fence and to bring out the natural grain of the wood.

You can also choose a stain to add color to the fence. There is a range of colors from which to choose, and staining often adds new life to an old fence.

Try staining a panel that is not in public view. Contrast the color of the board with the rest of the fence.

If you see a difference and like it, then staining the wooden fence may be a good idea.

Choosing the best staining products makes sense

Think of staining the wooden fencing as an investment.

You will be making the fence look like new again, but you also want the work to be visible next summer too.

Cheap staining products do not last. They fade under the sun and can wash away after a few falls of rain.

Quality staining products steep deep into the wood and will last for many years.

We only recommend and supply Stain & Seal Experts products for use on all wooden fences.

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