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Thinking of investing in a welding machine? Looking at a few welding jobs around the yard that you need to do?

We got a call from a customer only last week, asking about our range of Forney welding machines.

“I’m thinking of doing a bit of welding in the shop at home,” he said, “what do I need to know first?”

It is a common question at the office and one we love answering. Over coffee later in the morning the subject came up and someone asked the question of what new welding customers need to know. There was a lot of nodding and muttering, and eventually we wrote down the best suggestions.

Included on the list of what to know before using a welding machine for the first time are:

  • Pick the welding machine right for the job
  • Know the differences in types of welding machine
  • Being portable is essential for small jobs
  • Think of safety before buying
  • Ask advice from an expert

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Pick the welding machine right for the job

Do not, and this is very important, do not buy the biggest, brightest, most expensive machine on display.

The chances are it will not be the right one, you will not use it, and the device will stay in its box on the shelf.

We have a wide range of from which to choose. The smaller, easy to use one may be perfect when welding for the first time.

The Forney Easy Weld 140 is a good starter that will grow with you as you learn how to weld.

It is as good for the experienced welder, as it is for the beginner.

Know the differences in types of welding machines

When you are starting in any new venture, you will hear a lot of words and phrases.

Welding is not any different for newcomers and there are three different types of welding:

TIG is Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, and is suitable for thin metals.

MIG is Gas Metal Arc Welding, and is perfect for metals of all thickness.

Stick welding does metals of all types, and thickness and gives a solid weld.

Think about the welding jobs you plan to do and look at the best machines for the work.

Being portable is essential for small jobs

If you are going to be a Saturday welder and do the small jobs on the ranch or around the home, then buy accordingly.

A portable unit will make the work a lot easier. A light machine such as the Forney Easy Weld 100 Stick weighs only 9.65lbs and its dimensions are 12” by 5.5” by 10.5”

It is light to carry and will fit anywhere in the truck when going to a job outside.

The portable machine makes welding a lot easier to do.

Think of safety before buying

Welding is a very safe DIY repair tool to use in the home or shop, if you do it properly.

We advise you to start off with a light, portable, and easy to use welding machine.

Always follow instructions thoroughly, and do not forget to wear safety goggles and clothes.

It is a good idea to go to a welding class before even buying a machine and have someone on site when you do the first work with it.

Ask advice from an expert

Do not buy the first welding machine you see.

Always go for a quality name and an easy to use machine.

Ask an expert before investing in a welding machine.

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