Kids need protecting when in the yard.

You don’t want them running out onto the street chasing the ball or after the dog when it escapes.

They also need protecting from passersby who may mean harm to your family.

Security is a significant benefit of erecting a fence around your property.

We get plenty of callers with questions on the types of fence we supply and the ones which are best for kids.

Our experts have a few answers, as you may well imagine.

Some of the best types of fencing for your kids are:

  • Privacy fences are good
  • Aluminum and iron are very secure
  • Height may well be an advantage
  • Safety first when it comes to the kids
  • Don’t forget the pool

Let’s take a closer look at each point and see how to choose the best fence for your kids.

Privacy fences are good

You and the kids need a bit of privacy when in the yard.

You can relax in peace, knowing that you aren’t disturbing the neighbors with all the fun you’re having.

A vinyl privacy fence is an obvious solution to the problem.

It can reach a good height, the material is very secure, and the vinyl is very easy to work with for a DIY project.

Vinyl is also very durable, and will not need much maintenance over the many years of its life.

Aluminum and iron are very secure

Nothing adds an air of security to your yard and garden like a metal fence.

It is very difficult to cut through, the metal will not break easily under pressure, and kids won’t squeeze easily through the bars.

Aluminum is lighter than iron, and you can get it in various designs to suit your garden space.

Iron gives a very classical look, and though it needs more maintenance than aluminum, the weathering only adds to the style.

Height may well be an advantage

You can never go high enough when it comes to kids; there will always be one who tries to climb over.

Height is a great way to keep the kids in the yard though, and a high, vinyl privacy fence is tough to climb.

A high fence will stop the ball from going out too often, and it will keep prying eyes from looking into your yard.

We recommend growing plants, shrubs and trees along a high fence, as it takes away from the bare look of all that fencing material.

Safety first when it comes to the kids

You also have to be mindful of the kids when they are playing in the yard.

While you do need to think of security, you do not want a fence with sharp edges or spiky tops, as kids may harm themselves on it.

Wood may splinter or crack, and kids are great for finding the bits that get stuck in their hands or feet.

Metal fencing can hurt when a head bangs off it.

Vinyl fencing may be the safest when you have kids or grandkids playing in the yard.

Don’t forget the pool

Pool fences are becoming mandatory in most states, and if you don’t have one, you should install a pool fence before the swimming season.

A pool fence, with a self-closing and self-locking gate, will keep the area safe and under your control.

Make sure you install one which will stand up to the pressure of the kids playing around the pool.

Pool fences need maintenance, so draw up a schedule and stick to it.

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