Quality fencing boosts your home’s value the most.

It’s the obvious answer to what is a simple question. While simple solutions are usually the best ones, it’s what lies behind them that is of real value. One person’s quality may not be another’s, but at Fence Supply Online we only sell quality fencing. Period.

While a fence will add to the value of your home, what does constitute quality fencing? We asked around the office and came up with a few good answers. The answers may not surprise you, but they make a lot of sense.

The types of fencing to boost your home’s value are:

  • Pressure treated wood always works
  • Vinyl privacy is an excellent addition
  • Metal fencing looks great
  • Add an accessory or two

Let’s take a closer look at each type of fence.

Pressure treated wood always works

The quality of the fence on your property should be evident to visitors, especially prospective buyers.

You want to say: “Look at that fence. I put it in 10 years ago, and it looks as good as it did on day one. You’ll get another ten years and more.”

The buyer will nod and appreciate the quality.

Wood fences appeal. They are the traditional style on American land, and for many, wood is the only fencing material.

Pressure treated wood is the only option for long term value. Pressure treating protects the wood from termites, fungi, rain, ice, and sunshine. With annual maintenance and a protective eye, you will get many years of service.

Always go with pressure treated wood and do not let cheaper imitations fool you.

Vinyl privacy is an excellent addition

If you live on a busy block or maybe a bit too close to neighbors and the street, then you will value your privacy.

So will buyers who are looking for a home like the one you are selling.

Installing a vinyl privacy fence will give you the escape from the neighbors and the noisy street which you require.

It will give your family the privacy to relax in the garden or by the pool. The fence will keep your children and pets safe, and it will block unwanted noise from outside.

Vinyl lasts and lasts and lasts. It is weatherproof, termite-proof and has impact and UV inhibitors. The value added to the home is obvious, and any buyer will appreciate its worth.

Metal fencing looks great

Iron fencing stands for quality and an old-fashioned sense of style.

It weathers beautifully, and powder coating allows you to pick from a selection of colors. Iron fencing does need maintenance, but if you are vigilant, you will keep a high-quality fence on the property.

The value of an iron fence is obvious to visitors too. They will see the style but also feel the security of an iron fence.

Aluminum fencing is becoming cheaper as the cost of the raw material drops. The value in the aluminum is in the low maintenance of the fencing.

With our unique assembly method a metal fence is easy to install and to maintain.

Metal fencing looks excellent on the property and adds an individual style, which is difficult to reproduce without spending a lot of money.

It really does boost the value of your home.

Add an accessory or two

A quality metal, wood or vinyl fence will look even better with a few accessories on it.

The accessories will bring out, and add to, the value of the fence and boost the value of your home.

A few solar-powered lamps placed on fence posts and the gate posts will stand out. Fence post caps can add your touch of style and take away from the bare look of a fence. Lighted fence post caps look lovely on a summer’s evening.

Lighting and caps also add security to the property.

Extra security will always boost the value of your home.

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