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A wrought iron fence will look beautiful on your property. The chances are that it may be in place for many years before you came along.

It is the look of the old world and solidity that people find so attractive in a wrought iron fence.

How does a wrought iron stay looking good? The effects of weathering may add character, but if not cared for properly the wrought iron fence will quickly fall into a state of disrepair.

One of our clients decided recently to restore a wrought iron fence on his new property. Bill called us up for some advice and our experts gave him plenty.

On any list of caring for a wrought iron fence would be the following points:

  • Buy powder-coated when installing and doing repairs
  • Clean the fence regularly
  • Tackle rust spots immediately
  • Keep plants and trees at bay
  • Repair any broken rails or posts
  • Regular maintenance is vital

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Buy powder-coated when installing or doing repairs

Powder-coating is a way of protecting the iron fence before it leaves the factory.

Special manufacturing processes coat the iron in a protective powder which sticks to the material. It will not chip, peel or flake.

The coating comes in a variety of colors, and there should be one to match your color scheme.

Always replace a broken post or rail with a powder-coated piece and match the existing color too.

Powder-coating is essential to the long life of a wrought iron fence.

Clean the fence regularly

A fence will get dirty from rain, wind and dusty, sunny days.

You need to clean the fence to keep it looking good, but also to prevent any rust from starting on the surface.

A mixture of warm, soapy water will get most dirt off the fence.

Do the job on a sunny day, and it will dry quickly but don’t forget to rinse it first.

Tackle rust spots immediately

Once rust gets a hold on your wrought iron fence it can quickly do a lot of damage.

It will eat its way into the material and undermine the structure over time.

Do regular rust inspections. When you see a spot forming scrub it away with a toothbrush or something similar.

Treat the clear spot with anti-rust paint to seal the area again.

You may paint over the treated spot with the right color to make it look like new.

Keep plants and trees at bay

Plants, trees, and vines will love to grow in and around your wrought iron fence.

The problem is that roots, branches, and thorns on the plants may do damage to the surface of the wrought iron fence.

Cracks, scratches, and chips can let rain and moisture into the iron below, causing rust to develop.

Keep the fence clear of growth as much as possible and keep an eye for any damage.

Repair any broke rails or posts

Storms and untreated rust can damage the fence. Animals and kids climbing over the fence may break a rail or two.

The important thing is to fix the damage immediately.

A loose fence post can weaken the overall structure, causing it to fall apart quite easily.

A broken rail is dangerous and looks terrible.

Do all the repairs as soon as you can to keep on top of caring for the wrought iron fence.

Regular maintenance is vital

With any fence, you should have a maintenance schedule.

Regular inspections will find the problems before they get out of control.

Cleaning the fence will keep it shining and expose any rust spots.

Fix those rust spots and do any repairs when they become obvious.

Look for loose posts and rails when doing an annual inspection.

Being vigilant is key to caring for your wrought iron fence.

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