What you need to know about gates, sounds like the title of a book. What exactly do you need to know ?  A good gate will last you many, many years if you look after it, is one chapter. What size? is another one. How many do I need? could be an essential chapter too.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about gates. Sometimes we need to remind clients about the need for a gate when they order a new fence. What do I need one for? is the next question. How are you going to get through the fence? we ask in reply.

We asked our team of experts to come up with a few important gate facts. They got together over coffee and argued the toss for a while. The final list of gate facts was a long one, and we put some of the best ideas together in this post.

On the list of what you need to know about gates is:

  • What’s the right size for a gate?
  • How about a pool fence gate?
  • Do I need more than one gate?
  • Is the gate swing direction important?

Let’s get the answers to these questions?

What’s the right size for a gate?

The answer depends on where the gate is going on the property. Usually when an entrance is to the yard or maybe the front garden, you would use one about three feet wide, minimum. This will allow a flow of people through when open. If you need  wheelchair access, you should look at a minimum of a four feet wide one.

Height is important too, but is dependent on the height of the fence. A gate that is too high will look out of place, while one that is too low will not be very secure and may be dangerous. If you have a fence at the rear of your home, you may need a fence that gives access to the emergency services.

Order your gate when buying your fence, so you know what you are getting.

How about one for a pool fence?

In most districts, you must have a pool fence, along with the right gate. Regulations and local laws are strict when it comes to a  pool fence.

The pool fence gate must be self-closing. It should also be of a height that young kids do not climb over it. Matching at least the height of the fence is a good idea. You should also have a self-locking mechanism so that when the gate closes, it stays closed.

The lock and handle should be above the reach of a small child, so they cannot open it when you are not around. The hinges must be rustproof.

The pool fence gives you control over pool access.

Do I need more than one gate?

It depends on the length of your fence.

If you have a long fence, say around the paddock for the horses, you might want to put in a couple of gates. The same is true when running a fence around your home and remember the need for access for the emergency services.

Maybe put in an arbor over the second one to make it look a bit different?

Is the swing direction important?

Yes, it is, depending on where you put the gate.

You cannot have one opening onto a public highway or sidewalk. Always direct the gate inwards. If you cannot have it opening in, try using a slide gate.

Remember to leave clearance underneath so it can move freely.

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