Vinyl Privacy Fence

It can be challenging to give a final cost on putting in a vinyl fence.

The final price can depend on the style, the size, and length of the fence, as well as delivery.

Don’t forget the preparation and tools you may need as well.

We often get clients asking how much it costs to put in a vinyl fence.

The get an idea of costs, and how we determine them, we asked the experts for a bit of guidance.

Their answers may help you budget the vinyl fencing project on your property.

To determine how much it costs when putting in a vinyl fence, you should:

  • Get an accurate measurement of the land
  • Think about the extras
  • Decide on style and color
  • Ask about delivery charges
  • Beware of the hidden costs
  • Order in bulk when possible
  • Know about installation costs

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Get an accurate measurement of the land

It may seem an obvious first step in pricing, but a lot of people contact us without doing this part.

We can tell you how much the item is per foot, such as $4.29 for a specific style, but you still need to tell us how much land you are going to fence.

Get an accurate measurement of the land. This way we will know how much fencing is needed and what price we can offer you.

At Fence Supply Online we can supply by the truckload which will save you money.

Think about the extras

When installing a fence, do not forget the extras.

You will need posts, fence post caps, corner posts, and line ends.

There is not any value in ordering these parts outside of the fence panels. Indeed it will cost you more.

Always go for the full package from the beginning.

At Fence Supply Online we can bundle all the components into one very competitive price for you.

Decide on style and color

Fencing costs differ depending on style.

You will pay a different price for privacy fencing than a 3-rail rail ranch or a picket style one.

Ask our experts for advice on what is the best style for your property and choose your color too.

Final vinyl fencing costs will depend on what style you decide to install.

Ask about delivery charges

We sometimes get a few questions on delivery charges.

It can cost a lot to deliver a bulk order of fencing and often charges are the same, regardless of the amount ordered.

At Fence Supply Online we offer free delivery on certain orders, which can ease the burden of costs.

Currently, we offer free shipping on a truckload delivery of 3-rail, white vinyl fence.

Ask us and see what we can do in your delivery costs.

Beware of the hidden costs

There are always extras which you may forget to factor into the budget.

Do you need to clear the land before installation?

How about tools? Have you the correct ones for the job?

We are upfront with our costs and often offer tools at a discount or even free with some orders.

Order in bulk where possible

There is little value in ordering a fence one piece at a time.

Measure the area and get the total you need all on the one delivery.

Bulk orders will save you money.

Ask when ordering and get an idea on all of your costs from the beginning.

Know about installation costs

Installing a vinyl fence is a bit different from a wooden or metal fence.

This does not make it a difficult DIY job. We have installation videos on our website to help you plan the project.

You may need a contractor, and this will add to the costs.

Use our Draw It & Quote It software to get a full idea on costs.

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