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Are you thinking of installing a new fence on your property?

Is vinyl fencing catching your eye but are you wondering about any drawbacks?

Our clients often ask about installing the vinyl fencing and how to do the work correctly.

DIYers and professional installers can be equally worried about vinyl fencing.

There are a few things to know about vinyl fencing and among the questions we often answer are:

  • Is Installing Vinyl Any Different Than With Other Materials?
  • What Tools Do I Need?
  • What Lengths Does Vinyl Fencing Come In?
  • Do The Fence Posts Need To Go In As Deep As Wooden Ones?
  • Is It A Job For The Weekend DIYer?

Is Installing Vinyl Any Different Than With Other Materials?

Not really is the quick, if a bit of a vague answer.

You will still need a good set of tools and you will have holes to dig.

Vinyl is lighter than wood, aluminum and iron so you could do the job on your own, if you can’t find a willing helper.

There may be a lot of screwing in the installing, so make sure that battery is full of charge before heading out to the yard.

What Tools Do I Need?

Speaking of screws and installing you will need to have a good set of tools.

The battery-powered drill will make screwing rails to posts a lot quicker and easier on the arms too.

Though a lot of the pieces snap into place, you may need a rubber-headed hammer to secure them fully.

As with all fencing jobs, you will need an auger, to make digging the fence post holes that much an easier task to do.

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Do The Fence Posts Need To Go As Deep As The Wooden Ones?

The vinyl fence will face the same weather conditions as any other fence on your property.

It will need to withstand heavy rain and wind, so the fence posts will need to go in as deeply as your wooden ones.

The recommended depth is about one-third the length of the post, in order to get a secure footing in the soil.

Remember to keep the post straight and then pour concrete into the hole to hold the post secure.

What Lengths Does The Vinyl Fencing Come In?

An important consideration, especially when you measure the space where the fence will go.

If the area is a small one, then you may need to do some cutting and fitting, which doesn’t suit everyone.

Vinyl fencing comes in lengths of 2 to 8 feet and if you have a large area, then the longer ones will suit you best.

Remember the fence posts when ordering and when calculating the distance involved.

You may need to get access at some point along the fence, so don’t forget to factor in a gate or door in your calculations.

Is It A Job For The Weekend DIYer?

Yes, it most definitely is.

Installing a vinyl fence can be an easy job when you know how and with a bit of advice and caution you should be able to install one over the weekend.

Having the right tools is essential and preparing the ground in advance will make a lot of difference.

Remember vinyl is light and easy to handle, but having someone to help you is a good idea when you are fixing the posts and attaching the panels.

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