Buying vinyl fence is not always something you do in person. In fact, with the rise of the Internet, it’s becoming more and more common to compare fencing styles and designs online. This is great for saving time and hassle. And it allows you the chance to narrow down your options to only the manufacturers that you like the most, there are things you need to know. This is particularly true when it comes to requesting samples.

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Will All Companies Send Samples?

Most fencing manufacturers and even fencing installers are happy to send out samples for your perusal. They do this so that you can compare their product to your expectations, and so that you can literally put your hands on it.

How Many Companies Can I Request Samples From?

When it comes to requesting samples of vinyl fencing. It’s best to only request samples from companies that you’re seriously considering buying from. This should be done after you’ve gone through and narrowed down your choices – it costs fencing manufacturers and their representatives money to ship samples to you, and it costs them time. In most instances, this is done at no cost to you, as well. You can repay that kindness by being discriminating in your requests for samples.

Vinyl Fence Buyers Guide

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Sample Request Do’s and Don’ts

To help you better understand proper etiquette. Let’s run down a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to samples and requesting them.

Do: Request samples of fencing styles/colors that you’re strongly considering.

Don’t: Request samples from lots of companies.

Do: Be discriminating in your requests, as most commercial grade vinyl fencing will be similar in quality, thickness, and durability.

Don’t: Request samples from all and sundry – there’s no point in collecting fencing samples.

Do: Request samples when you need them, but remember that spring and summer are peak season so response/delivery times may be slower.

Don’t: Request samples from companies that you’re not serious about, as this does nothing but frustrate companies/reps if you are not actually interested.

Requesting samples before buying vinyl fence can help you get a better understand of the product. And can allow you to see colors and textures firsthand. However, remember that manufacturer websites often have high-quality images that are very close to seeing the product in person. Save yourself time and the companies money by using the tools available to you to narrow down your options prior to requesting any samples.