A lot is the quick answer but let’s look at a couple of common problems first.

The new fence looks great around the yard, but now you’d like to light up the space at night.

Maybe you’re planning a few barbecues and eat-outs over the summer months and it would be nice if folks could see where they’re going.

The addition of solar fence post caps can solve these problems..

Plus you don’t need to spend a lot of money and time digging up the lawn and running wires to the fence.

Solar fence post caps come with plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Easy To Fit
  • No Wires To Run
  • Great Range Of Lighting Available
  • An Extra Layer Of Security

Now for a closer look at why solar fence post caps are the way to go.

Easy To Fit

If you are putting up a new fence then now is the time to add the solar fence caps.

Our range of fencing products are ready-made to add the solar caps but be sure to order them when buying your fence.

If you have an existing fence, then we have the adapters in store to fit on the posts. They come in all the standard sizes and all you will need do is secure them to the fence posts.

The solar fence caps will fit snugly into the adapters and you will be good to go.

No Wires To Run

The solar part of the fence caps means that the lights take their power from the sun.

‘There’s no sun at night!’ I hear you shout.

The cells of the lights store the energy during the day, to give you all that great light at night.

There are no wires involved. You do not need to dig trenches along the fence and run unsightly wires up each post.

All you need to do is switch them on when doing the installation and the electronics will do the rest. The lights will switch themselves on and off automatically each night.

It is as simple as that with these solar lights.

Great Range Of Lighting Available

The good people who manufacture these solar fence caps know a thing or two about design.

There is the simple but very effective chain link fence post light that fits easily onto the posts.

These look great and throw out very strong light, up to 3 times that of the standard LED lighting.

The Copper Plated Prestige Solar Post Cap adds a touch of class to the yard fence. It’s not often that a light is the subject of conversation, but these caps will certainly draw the attention at your next backyard cook-out.

Of course you can go all out with the Black Aluminum Elegante, which would look great on fence corner posts, or even as a standalone piece in the front yard.

We have such a range of styles that there is bound to be a solar fence post cap to suit every taste.

An Extra Layer Of Security

The solar fence post caps add the light you may need for that extra layer of security.

They come on automatically and can stay lit throughout the night, acting as a deterrent as well as letting you see what is happening.

The discreet fittings do not dominate the yard, unlike a large light on the wall or one on a concrete stand in the corner by the trees.

The caps look good during the day too and the different designs can match what you are doing with the garden or the house.

Add the fact that you do not need to run unsightly wiring, or even pay to power them, then you have a great product doing many jobs at the one time.

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