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Choosing the best fence for a coastal area is an important decision. The fence will need to handle high wind, salt air, and maybe even severe storms during hurricane season. All in all, the fence on a coastal area needs to be a tough cookie.

At Fence Supply Online we get asked by clients to help them decide on the best fences for beach houses. We could recommend one style, but it may not be best for other conditions at the coast. Our team of experts put their heads together and took a look at all the options. They argued a bit and drank a lot of coffee, but eventually, they came up with a list of options for coastal fencing. The list was a bit of a long one, and we put the best tips into this post.

Included on the list of what’s the best fence for coastal areas is:

  • Do not turn your beach house fencing into a sail
  • A metal fence on a coastal area faces harsh weather
  • A vinyl fence may be best for a coastal area
  • Always look after the maintenance of coastal fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Do not turn your fence into a sail

Wind is a big enemy of coastal fencing. At any time of the year, but particularly the fall and winter, high winds will roar in off the sea.

The high winds can be spectacular to look at but are not good for your beach house fencing.

A privacy fence can give some protection to your property from a prevailing wind. The panels, though, may become sails, catching the wind and pulling over the fence.

When installing a fence on a coastal area, you should go for a rail fence.

For the prevailing wind protection, grow bushes and trees.

A metal fence on a coastal area faces harsh weather

A metal fence is good when facing high winds. The tall, robust structure can withstand the force of the wind, and rails do not catch the high gusts like sails.

Iron can rust easily in the salt air; even when powder-coated, the slightest scratch to the surface may cause a lot of damage.

Stainless steel may be the only metal to use on coastal fencing, but it can be expensive in large amounts.

You will need to wash a metal fence with fresh water at least once a month to keep it salt free.

A vinyl fence may be best for a coastal area

Modern, American-made vinyl fencing may be your best option for the coast.

The vinyl does not suffer from the effects of weather. It will not rot, buckle, or break easily. The impact inhibitors strengthen the material for the toughest of weather. Color in a vinyl fence will not fade, chalk or bleed and will stay looking good for many years.

A vinyl rail fence may be the best option for your coastal home.

Always look after the maintenance of the coastal fence

Maintenance is vital for coastal fencing.

Draw up a maintenance plan and stick to it.

If you have a wood fence, you will need to stain and seal it regularly.

Low-maintenance vinyl rail fencing ticks all the boxes for a coastal fence.

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