Deer are a problem this time of year. They come into the yard, eating the last of the leaves and digging up the produce patch.

Often they knock the fence to get in, easily pushing over the old picket favorite, or even breaking down a two-rail fence when on a run.

Our clients call asking what to do. The quick answer is to build a sturdy fence, one to keep the deer and other unwanted neighborhood visitors, out.

Vinyl fence that looks like wood

When building any fence you should think of the future and how resilient it will be when under pressure.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a post on fencing to keep deer out of the yard. The added security is a bonus.

Any list of the best fencing to keep deer out of the yard would include:

  • Build it high and secure
  • Vinyl privacy works well
  • A round rail fence looks good too
  • Aluminum may be an option

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Build it high and secure

You are going to need a bit of height to keep deer out of the yard.

They can jump smaller fences, and the deer are well able to push one over too.

Check with the local building official, as there may be laws on how high you can go.

Don’t forget to make it secure as well.

Bury the posts at least one-third of their height into the soil and tamper with concrete to hold them tight.

Vinyl privacy works well

A vinyl privacy fence can do a few jobs for you.

It will keep out the deer, give you a level of privacy in the yard and also offer another layer of security.

Developments in the manufacture of vinyl, such as the adding of impact inhibitors, make it a robust and durable fencing material.

You can also reach a good height with vinyl, without compromising the overall strength.

Advances in producing vinyl also give a new range of colors from which to choose.

A round rail fence looks good too

Traditional fence lovers always go for the round rail wooden fence when keeping animals in or out.

Our round rail wooden fences are of treated, southern yellow pine.

They will last the test of time, and with regular maintenance, they will stay standing for many years.

The strength of the wood fence will keep the deer out and we reckon once they see one, they will turn and go the other way.

By building to a good height the deer won’t jump the fence, nor push one over when getting frisky during the rutting season.

Metal may be an option too

Metal is strong, does not deteriorate with years of exposure to harsh weather, and looks good on the property.

If you are looking for a long-lasting fence, it may be the way to go.

Aluminum can be expensive, compared to other fencing materials. The price means it may not suit a larger area, but you could enclose an urban yard with aluminum to keep the deer out.

It does not break under pressure. The aluminum doesn’t rust, and you can paint it to match your garden color scheme. There is a choice of designs available, and the flat-top is a safe one with kids around.

Iron has similar qualities to aluminum, though it does require more maintenance.

If you are looking for a beautiful fencing product, which lasts, then iron is a great option.

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