Wood is a very traditional fencing product, and for some, it is the only fence to have on the property.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about installing wood fencing and the best time of year to do so.

The wood fencing needs a lot of attention, especially in the first few years of its working life.

With this in mind we had a bit of a chat with our experts to get their opinion on when to install a wood fence.

From their feedback we came up with a few guidelines.

The list of tips for the best time of year for installing a wood fence would include:

  • The summer sun is not so good for wood
  • Fall and winter are best
  • Pick a time when you can do the work properly
  • The off-season makes financial sense

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The summer sun is not so good for wood

You hear a lot of people saying ‘spring into action’ or ‘let’s get this done by the summer.’

These are good intentions of course, but possibly not the best of times for a wood fencing project.

Sure the fence will look great when in place for the sunny, summer months but it may not be great for the new wood.

Heat and direct sunlight can dry out the wood fence, and far too quickly.

If the wood is exposed to the heat of direct sunlight too soon it may do damage to the structure of the material.

The wood needs to season, and you need to help it by treating it with a sealant, one with UV inhibitors.

Fall and winter are best

Though it may not be the best time for outdoor work, the fall and winter months are the most suitable.

The wood will get time to season properly outdoors, without being exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

The wet and the cold can help the wood get used to being outdoors and build up a ‘skin’ to protect itself.

You should stain and seal the wood often, possibly twice a year in the few first years.

The cooler fall and winter months will allow the sealant to soak in and get to work.

Install in the fall and early winter to have a beautiful fence for the following year.

Pick a time when you can do the work properly

If this is going to be a DIY project you should make sure you have the time to do the work properly.

Spring and summer months can be busy times, getting ready for the fine weather, going on vacation and doing general outdoors work.

They are not the best months to devote to installing a fence, which is a big undertaking.

Even if you are using a contractor, you should be available to answer questions and to spot any errors in their work.

Fall and winter can be quiet times, times when you can be on the job, and make sure it gets done correctly.

The off-season can make financial sense

Everyone wants their fence up by the summer.

The spring is also a busy time for maintenance and repairs.

Fence supply companies are busy in the spring and summer, keeping up with orders and helping clients.

The quieter off-season may be a good time for working with your fence supply company.

They may have competitive prices on excess stock.

The same can be true of contractors who will be looking for work when business is slack

Shop around and see the savings you can make in the off-season.

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