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“I’m thinking of replacing the deck railing this year,” said one of our clients recently.

“Now why would you want to do that?” was the reply from our end of the line.

We know the client well and Fence Supply Online delivers a lot of fencing and welding products to his property. We also know is that his deck railing may be there for a few years, but there is plenty of life left in it yet.

“Well, it’s looking untidy and falling apart in spots,” was his answer.

“Ever thought of repairing it?” asked our expert, “it could save you a lot of money, time, and inconvenience.”

A deck repair project is rewarding and gives the whole deck area a much longer life. After giving our client a few repair ideas, the expert brought the subject up again over coffee later in the morning. There was a lot of nodding of heads, and some of the old-timers came up with a few excellent repair tips. We eventually put them all on a long list.

The list of when you should repair your deck railing versus replacing includes:

  • Staining and sealing brings deck railing back to life
  • Replacing the broken rails is a good idea
  • Doing a repair to the deck railing is easier than a big refit
  • Regular maintenance is the key

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Staining and sealing brings deck railing back to life

Wood attracts moisture, like moths to a flame, and the deck is exposed to every type of weather.

The rain will soak into the wood, where it can rot the railing and deck posts.

The UV light from the summer sun dries out the wood, causing more damage but also turning it into a sponge for the fall rain.

Staining and sealing the wood protects it from the elements. It can also make the wood look like new again.

At Fence Supply Online we recommend Stain & Seal Experts products to protect your deck railing.

Replacing the broken rails is a good idea

Often when a client is thinking of a full replacement, we see only the need to replace a few broken rails.

Why go to the expense of ripping out perfectly good wood railings when you may only need a few new ones?

Take a walk around the deck. Check the rails and order the new replacements from your fence supply agent.

A weekend DIY repair project can have the deck looking like new again.

Doing a repair to the deck railing is easier than a big refit

Replacing your deck railing is a big undertaking.

It will take you a lot of time and money, not to mind say the inconvenience of having contractors on site.

Doing regular repairs will save the deck railing from rotting or falling apart. A point many people miss is that the original deck railing has character. It ages over the seasons and looks perfect on the property. You also have memories in the old railing of family events and the kids horsing around, and they are worth keeping.

Get your tool kit out and do the small repairs; it will add years to the life of the deck railing.

Regular maintenance is the key

We always tell our customers that regular maintenance is essential for looking after deck railing.

You need to clean both wood and vinyl railing at least once a year to get all the dirt, debris, and mold away.

Wood deck railing will need staining and sealing to keep it fresh and free of rot, mold, and termites.

Both vinyl and wood may need a few running repairs, especially with kids around the home.

Keep an eye on your deck railing, and it will last many years, without the need for replacing.

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