Semi Privacy Fence

A semi-privacy fence looks the same from both sides.

It comprises two lines of fence running in parallel to each other, with the slats attached to the same posts and rails.

You buy the fence in panels and assemble the project on your lot. The more ambitious DIYer can build the fence from scratch, but it is a job for the experienced construction lover.

The advantages of the semi-privacy fence include better wind protection, a better look from both sides and added security.

You can install a semi-privacy fence in areas such as:

  • A Border With A Friendly Neighbor
  • When You Are Boxing Off An Area Of Your Yard
  • When You Want Extra Privacy
  • In Areas Of High Winds
  • Around The Barbecue And Eating Area

Let’s take a look at each point in a bit more detail.

A Border With A Friendly Neighbor

If you need to erect a fence between you and a friendly neighbor, then suggest a semi-privacy fence to them.

The fence looks good from both sides, gives the two neighbors privacy and adds a touch of security to the two yards.

The two neighbors can agree that their fence looks well and both houses will come out well from the deal.

Maintenance can be costly on a semi-privacy fence. There is more wood to be regularly treated, but the look makes up for the extra trouble.

When Bordering Off An Area Of Your Yard

If you have an oil tank in the yard that you are sick of looking at every time you open the blinds, then a semi-privacy fence may be the answer.

It can be a simple job to fence off the tank and the two, alternating layers of fence, will hide the tank completely.

You can also do the same for refuse cans and any other place you would like to keep out of view.

Add a gate for access and extra security. 

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When You Want Extra Privacy

If you have neighbors who take a bit too much interest in your business maybe a semi-privacy fence will solve the problem

Putting one around the pool or the patio area can protect your privacy and allow you and the family to relax more when in the yard.

If your home is on a busy street, then a semi-privacy fence can keep out prying eyes and give you a bit more freedom when around the house.

With privacy comes security and the fewer people see the yard, the less interest they may take in your property.

Semi privacy options

Areas Of High Wind And Lots Of Sun

We all have a spot in the garden where it is challenging to grow plants or produce.

The wind is that bit too strong or continuously blows, causing damage to any growth.

A semi-privacy fence, at just the right height, may solve the problem by keeping the wind out.

When too much sunlight is a problem, the double sides of the box fence may be the answer.

The fence will cast a greater shadow and protect the plants from excessive sun exposure.

Around The Barbecue Or Eating Area

Do you want to eat outside during the summer months but find the wind is too much?

The semi-privacy fence can keep the wind at bay and let you cook and eat in peace.

It can allow you extra privacy, stopping others from looking at the family when you want to be left alone.

It may be easier to keep the fenced area free of bugs and wildlife too.

A good lighting setup, such as solar fence caps can keep the area lit when it gets dark.

The fence caps are easy to install, get their power from the sun and there is no need to run any ugly wiring around the yard.

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