There are many reasons for someone to consider installing a fence. You may want to keep stray or wild animals out of the yard. You may have a desire to keep your own pets inside of the yard. People also choose to install fencing for privacy, aesthetic reasons, and more. A white vinyl fence can be a great fence choice for those looking to get a durable option that requires little upkeep. And the good news is there are many style options, as well.

Vinyl Privacy Options

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If you have nosy neighbors who you want to keep out of your business, a white PVC privacy fence might be the solution you’re looking for. With this sort of style, the panels are made from heavy-duty materials and available in a ton of different color choices. You can also add things like lattice to add some style to your backyard. Either way, you’ll have that needed privacy you desire.

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For those who yearn for the aesthetic of the 1950s, complete with a dog, two kids, and a picket fence – that doesn’t mean a wooden fence is your only option. Wooden fences are certainly an option, but they do require quite a bit of maintenance. White vinyl fences are also now available and look just like those fences of yesteryear. You can get them in a traditional two to six feet with just enough of a boundary to keep the dog and pets safely inside the yard.

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In between these two options is the semi-privacy fence. This type of fence has small gaps between the slats, rather than being tightly packed in with a privacy fence. They come in all sorts of colors, but for the white vinyl fence lover, it’s clear what hue you will want to go with.

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