Can’t decide between wood, vinyl or an aluminum fence?

Aluminum Fence

Maybe you are looking at an existing fence and thinking I need more of the same? Change can be good, and often we get clients who just don’t realize how good an aluminum fence can be.

There are spots where an aluminum fence is perfect and is worth considering for a new project.

An aluminum fence can be just what you are looking for on these fence installs:

  • The need for height and security
  • When maintenance may be a bother
  • Keeping kids and pets safe
  • Costs are low
  • Aluminum fences look good too

Let’s take a closer look at each point to get you started on choosing aluminum on your next fence install.

The need for height and security

Aluminum is easy to work with and is a stable material when you want a bit of height on the job.

It is a light product and does not become top-heavy when you go above 4 or 6 foot on the install.

It is not easy to cut through aluminum, the pickets fit securely, and you will not bend them to slip through unnoticed.

Aluminum is also very difficult to climb, there is nowhere to get a grip or foothold, and the metal is slippery too.

By adding spear-top pickets the aluminum fence will be off-putting to even the most adventurous bad guy.

The panels may bend on impact, but they will not snap, as wood or iron may do in similar circumstances.

When maintenance may be a bother

If you are looking for a low maintenance fence, then aluminum is the one for you.

It does not rust like iron can do, and though it may stain, a good clean will sort that problem.

Aluminum will not rot like wood, so there is not any need for an annual spray with fungicide or painting to keep the rain out.

A good scrub down with soapy water, a yard brush, and the garden hose will keep aluminum clean and looking as good as day one.

Remember too that aluminum lasts and lasts and lasts.

Think about all that maintenance free time you will be saving by installing an aluminum fence on the property.

Keep kids and pets safe with an aluminum fence

Keeping kids and pets safe

Aluminum is difficult to climb or to squeeze through the pickets.

It can be an ideal fencing material in areas where you want to keep the kids and the pets safe, but don’t want the full privacy fence effect.

The material will not chip or rust so the kids won’t get any splinters under the skin.

By adding our easy to fit Puppy Panels you can keep the family pet inside the yard and not have them running around the neighborhood.

Costs are low

Aluminum has come down in price over the years, which now makes aluminum fencing very affordable.

As it is so light and easy to work with you will be able to reduce your installation costs and maybe even do a DIY job if you are so inclined.

The long-term, low maintenance costs make it very cost effective over the long life of an aluminum fence.

When you tell your insurance company that you have an aluminum fence on the property, you may get a good saving on the annual policy too.

Looks good too

The clean lines and solid, black appearance make an aluminum fence look very impressive on your property.

It will stay looking so for many years, catching the eye of visitors and passersby on the street outside.

You can grow plants and shrubs around and through the fence, which adds extra color to the yard.

An aluminum fence will add value to the property from a curb appeal and a security viewpoint, which cannot be a bad idea.

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