Should I stain the new fence?

Maybe I should seal it instead?

Is it possible to buy a stain and seal in one for the fencing on the property?

Just some of the questions we get at Fence Supply Online from customers who want to care for their fencing investment.

Why is buying a stain and seal in one should a good idea?

We got to talk about this over the morning coffee a few days back.

It’s the sort of question that pops up from time, and the answers can make interesting reading.

Some of the reasons why buying a stain and seal in one is a good idea are:

  • Doubling up on the fence protection with a stain and seal
  • Saving the customer money
  • Stain & Seal fence products offer top quality
  • Gives you time for other jobs
  • Maintenance is always a vital chore

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Doubling up on the fence protection with a stain and seal

If you want to care properly for the fence you will need to protect it from the elements.

It is not just the winter rain that can cause damage. The hot summer sun can dry out the wood, causing it to split and crack, and open it to the effects of moisture.

By applying a stain and seal to your wood fence you are giving it the benefit of double the protection.

The stain can seep deep into the wood, getting to parts which are vulnerable to rot and termites.

The seal will then close off the wood fence from rain and the sun’s rays.

Double the protection from the one application; nothing wrong with that idea.

Saving the customer money

By buying a product which has both in one, you will be saving money.

A quality product will always cost more than a not-so-good alternative.

This is very true with stain and seal products.

Think long term and the money you can save by doing the job correctly.

Stain & Seal fence products offer top quality

At Fence Supply Online we offer only the best to our customers.

This is why we link up with Stain & Seal Experts for wood fence protection.

A Stain & Seal Experts product is easy to use and will not wash off in the next fall of rain.

The stains will not fade; they do not streak and will not leave lap marks.

These products are not harmful to your family and are safe for the environment

When doing both jobs at the one time always chose from the Stain & Seal range.

Gives you time for other jobs

It may not occur to you immediately, but by doing the stain and seal together, you will save yourself time.

As any DIY enthusiast knows you can never have enough time to do all the jobs.

With a fence, you will need to stain and seal, but also you will need to do repairs, weeding around posts and other bits of annual maintenance.

The more time you have, the better it is for your fence.

Maintenance is a vital chore

With a wood fence, you should have an annual maintenance schedule.

Applying the stain and seal is part of that list of jobs to do.

As the fence gets older, you may not need to do it too often, as the wood will be so well protected.

The other maintenance jobs such as checking for loose posts, keeping the foliage away and mending any broken rails will always be annual ones.

Call us

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We know what jobs to do and when to do them.

Our range of Stain & Seal Experts products will help you protect the fence.

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