A decorative white picket fence is the ideal American garden fixture that everyone wants in the yard. You will see them running around most suburban gardens and many the front yard has a picket fence.

At Fence Supply Online we are always dealing with a demand for white picket fences. New homeowners love them as much as the owners of older homes who want to preserve the style of the property. We often get a surprised look from homeowners too, however, when we suggest a picket fence. To some, picket fence styles are old-fashioned but really they are everlasting.

A new client of ours was a little taken aback by the suggestion of a white picket fence for their modern build home.

“Why, everyone wants a picket fence,” answered our expert when questioned.

Really? Why so?” asked the skeptical client.

After a few solid ideas and points, they saw the light and ordered an elegant new picket fence for their garden. We put some of those points, and a few more, down on a list.

Included on our list why everyone wants a white picket fence are:

  • They look great on the property
  • Vinyl white picket fences are very stylish
  • A white picket fence is very American
  • You can add accessories to the white picket fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

They look great on the property

Take a drive around your area or maybe an older district in the neighborhood.

While driving take note of the picket fences and how much they add to the look of a garden. There is no doubt that a picket fence looks great on the property.

You will see a lot of different styles, heights, and colors of picket fence but they all add a touch of class to the yards.

A picket fence is an ideal and easy way to add to your property.

Vinyl white picket fences are very stylish

You can choose from a range of styles of picket fence that will suit your tastes.

The flat-top picket fence is excellent around pools, the deck or areas where you may need to keep an eye on security and safety.

Our Extended Picket design is a familiar one with the pickets extending above the top and bottom rails.

Consider the Scallop design, which will catch the eye of visitors when they come for the barbecue.

Vinyl white picket fences will not fade, buckle, crack or chalk under the summer sun.

A white picket fence is very American

Sometimes people forget it, but we Americans have loved our picket fences for centuries.

When watching an old movie the chances are that you will see a picket fence or two in the background.

The picket fence is ideal for leaning on when having a friendly talk with the neighbors.

We have clients who erect one just to have that piece of America on the front lawn.

American-made vinyl or quality home-grown cedar are ideal for making your picket fence.

You can add accessories to the white picket fence

When you install a picket fence on the property, you are also building a place for adding accessories.

At Fence Supply Online we stock a range of lighting products to match every taste.

Our solar-powered lamps add security and brighten a summer or fall evening drinks party in the garden. They are easy to install and you do not need to run any wires or find outdoor power sources.

Decorative accents will enhance the look of the picket fence.

How about an arbor for an entrance to the garden? It will look great matching your picket fence.

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