white horse fencing

If you have a favorite TV program set on a ranch, take a look at the fencing next time. It is probably white fencing, stretching out into the distance, keeping the horses in their paddocks.

Now that you are noticing the white fencing, you are wondering why it is always white? The question occurred to one of our customers and he asked the question when ordering materials from Fence Supply Online recently.

“Why do horse properties have white fencing?” he put to one of our experts.

“There are a few reasons,” explained our helpful expert, “and it will not take long to tell you.”

The two got to talking, and soon our customer understood why, if he ever bought a few horses, he would need to have it on his property.

The list of why horse properties have white fencing includes:

  • White fencing is easier for the horses to see
  • It gives a look of quality
  • Vinyl white fencing is easy to clean and maintain
  • Tradition means a lot too
  • Always look after your white fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

White fencing is easier for the horses to see

It is a common belief among ranchers and horse owners that horses can see white fences over one of other colors.

This may or may not be accurate, however the contrast between the green grass and white fence does make a difference.

At Fence Supply Online our customers strongly believe that the white fence makes a difference to the horse.

When a horse is galloping around the paddock, it will need to see the fence, especially when going at speed.

It gives a look of quality

Image means a lot, and this is very true in the horse industry.

The clean, clear lines of a white fence, will catch the eye of visitors and potential buyers.

Of course, you will need to maintain the fence in tip-top shape too.

If you want to show attention to hygiene, safety, and detail, then a fence is perfect for the property.

Vinyl white fencing is easy to clean and maintain

Many ranchers would never consider using vinyl fencing on their property.

Advancements in recent years, though, have led to a lot of horse owners changing their minds.

Vinyl is now a robust, durable, and easy to maintain product. It is manufactured here in the US and Fence Supply Online is proud to supply American vinyl fencing to our customers.

Modern vinyl will not fade, chalk or buckle under the heat of the summer sun. Impact inhibitors protect the fence from the winter storms and colliding horses.

If a horse does break the fence, the vinyl will snap and not splinter like wooden fencing.

Tradition means a lot too

Sometimes a tradition begins, and nobody is quite sure where and when it first started.

The white horse fencing is a tradition that people copy and follow for many reasons.

Maybe the neighbors have it, or your grandparents always had one, so you have one too.

Traditions are good to keep and often exist for a reason.

Always look after your white fencing

Remember your horse fence is there to keep the animals on the property.

To keep it doing its job, you will need to maintain the horse fence.

Regular inspections will alert you to any damage. Wooden fences should be painted and sealed at least once every three years.

Maintenance is vital to the long life of a fence.

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