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Have you got a garden where you need to keep the kids in, or the wildlife out?

Maybe you have a commercial property and you want to beef up security?

Perhaps you are one of those who has inherited an old fence, which now needs replacing?

Aluminum fencing could be the way to go and many people like you are beginning to give it a chance.

There are a lot of reasons why aluminum fencing is popular right now and a good list would include:

  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Security Benefits
  • Not As Expensive As You May Think
  • It’s Adaptable
  • Aluminum Is Easy To Work With

Let’s take a closer look at each point to see why it’s time to give aluminum fencing a chance on your property.


Aluminum is a durable metal.

It doesn’t rust, flake or lose its shape over the years.

As a fencing material, aluminum does what it promises and will stand tall and proud on your property for a long, long time.

The aluminum fence will not rot or fall foul to damp weather, nor will termites find a home deep inside it.

Low Maintenance

A side benefit of the durability of aluminum is that you will not be spending a lot of money on maintenance.

It does not need an annual treatment of weather proofing.

You do not need to paint the fence or put a rust-proof barrier on at any time.

Cleaning an aluminum fence can be as easy as running the backyard hose over it after the fall, or giving it a scrub with a firm brush every now and then.

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Security Benefits

It isn’t easy to climb over a shiny, slippery aluminum fence.

A trespasser won’t be able to cut it with a saw and if they do try, the grinder will make a lot of noise.

A sturdy aluminum fence will stand up to impact damage. It may bend, but it will not break too easily.

Putting ornamental spikes at the top of the aluminum rails will stop people even trying to scale the fence at night.

Not As Expensive As You May Think

Yes, aluminum fencing is more expensive than the traditional wood variety.

In the last few years, the price has dropped dramatically however and you will be surprised at how affordable a new aluminum fence is today.

Take into consideration the above points of low maintenance, durability and security benefits.

The savings you could make in these areas over the lifetime of your fence will make the aluminum one a much better alternative.

It’s Adaptable

Aluminum is a very adaptable material, which you’ll discover when installing a fence on your property.

You can ‘step it’ up a hill and some inclines in the yard.

The aluminum fence will go up quickly around your commercial premises, beefing up security before it is too late.

It can fit easily to an existing wall or to the sides of your home.

As the panels connect to the fence posts using a nut and bolt system, it is a quick and simple to take a panel off when one needs replacing.

You can also remove a panel temporarily if you needed access to other parts of the property.

Aluminum Is Easy To Work With

Aluminum fencing is easy to install on your property.

You do not weld the panels to the posts.

All you need to do is to bolt the panels into place.

If you make a mistake just take the panel off and fit it elsewhere.

Going around trees, rocks and other obstructions is straightforward with an aluminum fence.

Aluminum is a light metal and you can install a fence on your own if you can’t find a willing helper over the weekend or during the holidays.

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