Staining and sealing your fence should be a regular part of your maintenance schedule.

The wood needs protecting from rain, wind, ice, damp and the light of the sun.

Termites and other insects can make their home in your fence too, eating it from the inside out.

The problem a lot of our clients’ experience is that stains and sealers don’t stand the test of time.

They do their wood fence in the spring, but by the end of the following winter the wood is exposed again, putting it in danger from the elements.

There are a few reasons why stains and sealers don’t do their job, and we asked our experts for help with the answers.

Reading their answers may surprise a few people.

A list of reasons why some stains and sealers work and some do not would include:

  • Low-quality stains and seals lead to problems
  • Quality lasts and lasts and lasts
  • Pre-staining is a good way to go
  • No paraffinic mineral based solvents
  • Maintenance is vital

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Low-quality stains and seals lead to problems

We find a lot of our clients’ problems with their staining arise from using low-quality products.

What may look good on the side of the tin and cost less than competitors may not be best for your fence.

Many low-quality stains are so because they use low-quality ingredients. They may include paint pigments which require solvents that do not last the tests of time.

A high-quality stain and seal product will only contain the best ingredients.

It may cost a bit more, but it will last and protect your fence or deck.

Quality lasts and lasts and lasts

Speaking of quality, it is what we see in the product range of our new partners Stain & Seal Experts.

They only use the best ingredients in the manufacturing of their seals and stains.

With a warranty of three years, which most companies do not offer, you know you can rely on Stain & Seal Experts.

When you apply the superior product, you will see the difference almost immediately.

There will not be any streaks, any signs of lapping and the stains will not run.

The quality soaks into the wood, protecting it for many years at a time.

Pre-staining is the way to go

You cannot beat having the wood protected before it goes into the ground.

Pre-staining is possible with Stain & Seal Experts, giving you peace of mind before beginning the project.

Your fence is an investment and having your one stained and sealed is critical to it lasting.

Regular adding to the sealing and staining will keep the fence looking great for many years.

No paraffinic mineral based solvents

Having paraffinic mineral based solvents in your stains and seals gives you superior protection.

Not having them in the sealing product leaves your wood open to attack from the sun, insects and the weather.

Stain & Seal Experts only contain the best of paraffinic mineral based solvents.

The product does not give off noxious gas as it dries and is safe around your family, pets, and wildlife.

The fence will look good too and stay doing so for many years.

Maintenance is vital

You need to look after your fence.

It will quickly deteriorate on you and if you slip up on maintenance, nature will take over.

At Fence Supply Online we advise that you start a maintenance schedule from day one.

Staining and sealing the wood fence is crucial to getting a long life from your investment.

Using Stain & Seal Experts products will do the job from the moment you install the fence.

Don’t skimp on maintenance if you want a great fence.

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