Gothic Cap on Flat top picket fence

“How do I dress up the new picket fence?” asks one of our new clients.

They had a new, vinyl picket fence around the front lawn and were looking for ideas to make it stand out a bit. Now, we at Fence Supply Online are full of ideas for fencing, welding, and work around the yard. Making a picket fence look good is an old problem, but still a common worry.

There are many suggestions for completing the work on a picket fence. We encourage clients to do all the work at the same time. It tends to be easier, yield better results and saves time, money, and labor. Do not worry though if you are only thinking of completing the picket fence after the fact, it is never too late.

Our experts gave us a few ideas on finishing the picket fence with end caps. We had a look at the list and put their ideas into a post.

The tips for making a picket fence complete with end caps includes:

  • There is a benefit in end caps
  • Fitting end caps is easy
  • Go with lighting when choosing an end cap
  • Stylish end caps are popular
  • Mix it up for something a bit different

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

There is a benefit in end caps

End caps make a big difference to your picket fence.

Where before you fit the end caps the fence posts looked bare, afterward the picket fence will catch the eye.

We offer a wide range of fence end caps, and have ones to suit every style and taste.

End caps can protect a wooden fence post from weather decay and cut down on your annual maintenance.

Finishing the project will give you a sense of satisfaction too.

Fitting end caps is easy

Do not worry if you have the fence in place, without any fence caps.

Even if your fence is an old one you can still fit end caps on most posts.

You fit an end post cap adapter over the crown of the picket fence post.

The end cap will click into the adapter, and the work will only take a couple of minutes per post.

Retrofitting is easy, and the work does not need an expert, just a DIY enthusiast who wants their fence to look good.

The only problem areas would be if the post were damaged, then you may need to fit a new fence post.

Go with lighting when choosing an end cap

There is little better for the garden at night than a solar light on your fence.

It will light up the area, highlight specific parts of the fence, and some plants look beautiful under that light at night.

Solar powered lights are an excellent addition. They do not need wiring or any power outlets in the yard.

The lights are easy to fit too. A solar-powered end cap light can click into the adapter, without the need for tools.

At Fence Supply Online with have a great selection of end cap lights from which to choose.

Stylish end caps are popular

You do not need to go for a bland choice of end cap.

We have stylish ones such as the New England Ball cap which will catch the eye.

The Coachman is a different style which comes in various sizes.

The Pyramid is a classic type of end cap and will make any fence look just right.

Mix it up for something a bit different

Try adding a few different styles of end cap along the fence.

Work with a pattern you like and place solar-powered lamps in certain areas.

The larger end caps may work in some parts but not others.

Take a long look at your fence, before adding the end caps and finish that picket fence as you want it.

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