Your pet needs a physical fence in the yard. There are many reasons why pets prefer the physical fence. Some of the reasons are obvious, but others may surprise you. Most people decide on a physical fence when they understand why pets need one.

At Fence Supply Online we get customers who want to do away with the garden fence and get an invisible one for the dog. “Why do we need that fence?” they say, “Buster won’t wander away.”

Anything can happen with a pet, as any owner will tell you.

We asked our experts to do a little research into the benefits of a physical fence over the invisible alternative. They drew up a list of reasons and got to discussing them. After a while, they came up with a shorter list.

Included on the list of why pets need a physical fence instead of an invisible one is:

  • The physical fence stops a pet being stolen
  • An invisible fence does not always work
  • Privacy fences stop a dark barking all day
  • A physical fence has other benefits

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The physical fence stops a pet being stolen

There is nothing better than a physical fence for stopping a pet being stolen. The invisible fence may stop a pet from escaping, but it will not stop someone coming onto your property.

A tall secure aluminum fence is an excellent way to keep your pet safe. The aluminum needs little maintenance. It is difficult to climb, or cut through and ram. By adding Puppy Panels to the fence, you can stop a smaller pet from slipping through the rails.

When you put up a physical fence the bad guys know that you mean business.

An invisible fence does not always work

When an invisible fence works, it will stop your pet from wandering away. What happens though when something goes wrong. Often you may not know the battery-operated fence is not working until you go looking for your pet.

The invisible fence may not work for a variety of reasons. You may forget to turn it on, or the kids may power it off by accident. If the pet does not have the collar on their neck the fence will not work.

A physical fence is always there, and it always works.

Privacy fences stop a dog barking all day

Many pets, and especially dogs, get disturbed by passing traffic or neighbors out walking. Their reaction to the disturbance is usually to bark and bark, all day long. This is not fair on your pet or the neighbors.

By installing a privacy fence your dog will be free of distractions. The fence will keep your yard private, and the pets can sleep all day.

Privacy is not possible when you only have an invisible fence.

A physical fence has other benefits

The physical fence will give you privacy. It can also add security to the home area and protect the pets and the kids. Adding curb appeal is another big benefit of the physical fence.

You do not get such benefits with an invisible fence.

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