Vinyl fencing has a lot going for it.

It is proving to be as good as iron, aluminum or the traditional wood fence around the yard and other play areas.

Vinyl fencing is particularly popular with families as it is great for kids. Even if the kids have left home remember that they will love nothing better than dropping their own to the grandparents in the years ahead.

There are many reasons why vinyl fencing is great for kids, such as:

  • Durability
  • No sharp edges
  • Excellent privacy
  • Not easy to climb
  • Low Maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at our little list.


On any fencing project durability must be a top priority.

Why invest in something that will not last the tests of time?

Vinyl fencing is very durable

It can withstand impact from high winds, heavy rain and long hours of intense sunshine.

Vinyl fencing will not attract termites and other vermin and will not weaken like untreated wood.

It will not rust like iron, which can deteriorate over the years to become a hazard to youngsters climbing over to get a lost ball.

A vinyl fence will be as strong next year as it is today and that can only be good when you have kids around the yard.

No Sharp Edges

Part of the durability bonus is that the vinyl fence will not crack or splinter.

It will stay strong and the kids won’t be coming in with shards of wood or metal in their hands and blood all over their shirts.

Vinyl fencing doesn’t have sharp edges like an iron fence has and kids won’t snap a bone when falling against it.

A wooden fence needs a lot of oversight to keep the sharp edges and loose post caps under control.

No such worries with that shiny new vinyl fence you have running around the edges of the yard.

Excellent Privacy

Speaking of having a fence running around the yard, do you know that a vinyl fence will give you excellent privacy?

Nobody can see through the tight rows of a vinyl fence.

It can reach a proper height, without compromising the safety and durability of the fence.

Other kids cannot climb the fence and have a look over.

Balls, frisbees and other toys will just bounce off it, so the kids can stay in the yard and not wander outside, where you don’t want them going.

Passersby and busy traffic won’t be looking in on the kids as they play, which is a great peace of mind.

It Is Not Easy To Climb

A vinyl fence does not have any toeholds or spots for grabbing onto when trying to climb it.

If you try to climb one, the likelihood is that you will only slide off before you get anywhere.

Your kids will not be tempted to make the great escape and will come to tell you the ball is lost, rather than try to climb the vinyl fence.

Other kids, or those people you want to keep out, will not be able to climb into your yard when you are not looking.

Being not easy to climb is a top benefit of vinyl fencing.

Low Maintenance

You just erect the vinyl fence and leave it be.

There is no need to treat it with any strong chemicals or do many annual repairs.

You need only to wipe it with a mild detergent to keep mildew under control and washing it can be as simple as running the garden hose on it every now and again.

The ample, white space of a vinyl fence must be irresistible to the kids when they are painting and coloring in the yard. Those cute drawings will quickly wash off, or maybe you can keep them as part of the garden décor in case you have a future Picasso on your hands.

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