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Getting your property surveyed, before erecting a fence, is crucial.

The problem is that people forget to do the survey. There is so much going on that a property survey seems like a minor inconvenience. Between choosing the fence, getting the right style, and paying for it all, you could be forgiven for forgetting the survey.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of calls from people putting up a fence. Among the many options we give them, we always stress how important it is to survey the property. It happened only last week, when a young couple started construction but did not do the basics. We helped them sort it out but it cost them a bit of money and some neighborly goodwill.

What does happen when you do not do a property survey? What could go possibly wrong?

We put together this post to help you see the consequences. Among the reasons why you need to survey the property before erecting a fence are:

  • What does the property survey entail?
  • How much can go wrong?
  • Should you involve the neighbors with the property survey?
  • What to do when you make an error
  • You should also call 811

Let’s take a closer look at each reason for doing a property survey.

What does the property survey entail?

You can do a property survey yourself, but we recommend getting a qualified person for the job.

The property survey will decide precisely where the boundary lies between your land and the neighbors’.

It can tell you where the fence can go and where you definitely cannot build one.

Frequently there are other problem areas, such as bordering public land, rights of way and building next to the pavement.

It will pay you to spend a bit of money on getting a professional to do the survey.

How much can go wrong?

A lot is the quick answer, and it would be the correct one too.

You could build the fence on your neighbor’s property or publicly owned land.

It can also happen that you erect a fence of the wrong material or style for your district.

Even if you only stray a few inches into someone else’s property, you are in the wrong.

In many districts there are strict rules for observing margins along pathways and public sidewalks.

Should you involve the neighbors with the property survey?

Another question where the answer is definitely yes.

In the spirit of good neighborly relations, you should call on the neighbors when planning the fence. They will have an opinion on style, height and fence material. When you begin the survey they can take an active part and go along with the plans for your fence.

Spending time with the neighbors before you start construction is better than spending it in court later.

What to do when you make an error

The first thing to do is own up to the mistake, then do something about it.

If you make it early in the construction, it can be easy to fix. When you build the structure entirely in the wrong place then you have a problem. You will need to pay to remove the fence and then build it on your own property. If this happens on public land you may receive a fine too.

Always do the property survey and plan properly, before you erect the fence.

You should also call 811

Along with doing a full property survey, you will need to call 811.

It is mandatory in every state to do so when doing any underground work, such as erecting fence posts.

They will tell you what lies underneath; what utilities to avoid and where is the safest place to work.

Calling 811, along with doing a property survey, makes for perfect sense.

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