Iron fence has many uses and adds a certain feeling of security to a property.

We see it in use around homes, on buildings facing the street and on land which needs to be secure such as schoolyards and play areas.

Often the iron fence is very old and is still looking as good as ever. On some fences though the iron may need replacing, due to a lack of maintenance.

Callers to Fence Supply Online enquire on installing or repairing an iron fence and look for some guidance.

Our experts agree on one facet every iron fence should have when you are buying it.

The iron fencing should be powder coated, and there is no arguing with our people on that one.

The reasons you should buy iron fencing that’s powder coated are:

  • Iron rusts so take precautions
  • What is powder coating?
  • Add a touch of color to the iron fence
  • Powder coating is weatherproof
  • No toxins in the powder coating

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Iron rusts so take precautions

First things first and you should be aware of the problem of rust.

It is a particular problem with iron fences and can cause significant difficulties if you don’t take precautions.

Rust will eat away at the iron, and the fence can decay quickly.

Regular maintenance and powder coating from day one will be a big help in keeping the fence from rust.

What is powder coating?

To put it simply powder coating is a way of protecting the iron by applying a decorative finish to the surface.

The powder is a mixture of resins and finely ground pigments, which the company applies using a statically-charged spray mechanism. By also grounding the iron at the same time the powder coating fuses to the surface of the fencing material.

When the powder thoroughly coats the iron, the material goes into a specially heated oven for sealing.

The result is a perfectly sealed iron fence which looks terrific on your property.

Add a touch of color to the iron fence

A bonus to the powder coating of the iron fence is the different colors of powder available.

You can choose from a wide variety and add your own touch to the fence on your property.

The colors add an extra sheen and look to the fence, from the solid black for formal areas to the more carefree red for family homes.

By adding a solar-powered lamp or two around the property, you really bring out the colors of the fence at night.

Be sure to ask about different colors when choosing your iron fence.

Powder coating is weatherproof

A real bonus to powder coating the iron fence is that it will be weatherproof.

The powder coated fence will resist rain, snow, ice, constant sun and doesn’t crack, blister or fade.

The beautiful sheen to the iron, in all colors, will stay firm on the fence for over twenty years of service.

Your reduced maintenance costs and time spent on the fence will more than repay your initial investment.

All you will need to do is wash it after storms and dry spells while keeping an eye out for any impact damage.

No toxins in the powder coating

Many of our customers inquire about painting the iron fence.

It is a way of protecting the structure but not as good as powder coating the material.

Also, many paints have a high level of toxins, which are part of the protective qualities of the product.

The toxins may be harmful to children, pets and wildlife. They may also wash out of the paint and leech into the soil and groundwater.

There are not any toxins in the powder coating used on iron fencing.

The powder coating is safe to use in all areas and will not wash off in harsh weather.

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