A stick welder was once the standard machine for any metal worker to use.

Indeed, when you think of welding, you may get the image of a stick welder in your head.

The advent of MIG welding pushed stick to the side, but there are still uses for the older method.

It surprises us at Fence Supply Online how many stick welding inquiries we get during a week.

So much so that we put the question to our suppliers, Forney Industries. They have been supplying welding machines since the 1940s and what they don’t know, isn’t worth knowing.

We put their answers into this post, to give you a better idea on stick welding.

Among the reasons you should consider a stick welder are:

  • An option in tight welding spots
  • The stick welder is very portable
  • Most welders learn on a stick welder
  • Can be cheaper to run
  • It is quick and easy to use

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

An option in tight welding spots

TIG and MIG welders are excellent machines and work on all projects.

What about the tight spot though? The one which is difficult to get at but needs a secure weld?

This is where the stick welder comes into its own. It gets right to the tight spot and with very little for you to do, only to point and weld.

As it uses a narrow, long electrode, and it can fit it almost all tight spots.

The stick welder is very portable

There are many reasons why machine shops and automobile repair shops keep a stick welder on the premises.

Aming the main ones is that it is so portable.

At Fence Supply Online we sell the Forney Easy Weld 100 Stick machine.

It weighs in at only 9.65lbs, and its dimensions are 12” x 5.5” x 10.5”.

As you might guess, it is very portable, which is a big plus.

If you have a quick weld to do outside or upstairs, just grab the  welder and get to work.

No need to carry a heavy machine, with a lot of extras, when you have the stick welder at hand.

Most welders learn on a stick welder

Like learning to drive, you should also start with a stick when it comes to welding.

It is a straightforward machine to learn on, it is versatile, and there is not any need to mess about with extras. You point and weld with the stick welder.

Having a one on the property will suit the basic DIYer and hobbyist.

They can quickly learn how to weld, and the skill will stick with them for life.

Can be cheaper to run

There are very few accessories with a stick welder. Once you have the machine, all you need to stock are the electrodes.

No need for a welding gun, gas, or welding wire.

This low-cost factor is a big plus for all the shops and small job welders.

The machines are cheap to buy, and maintenance is also very low.

Plenty of positives for your wallet.

It is quick and easy to use

As the stick welder is so portable, you can grab it and get to work immediately.

When the look of the weld is not important, but the quality is, then it is the best option.

Cutting down on the prep time can save a business money over the course of the year.

For the DIYer and hobbyist, this simplicity is ideal when you have maybe only a day to complete a project.

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