Wood grain look in Vinyl fence

When people think of vinyl fencing, they think of white panels and posts.

Callers to Fence Supply Online often dismiss vinyl, as they want something they can paint, such as a wooden four-rail or picket fence. Others don’t know that modern vinyl comes in a variety of colors

We surprise them when we speak of colored vinyl as an option. “What? I didn’t know you had such a thing as colored vinyl?” one long-time customer remarked recently.

There are a few advantages of colored vinyl, and they may help change your mind about vinyl fencing on the property. We put together a few uses for colored vinyl which you may consider on your next fencing project.

Among the reasons you should consider the colored vinyl fence are:

  • No need for painting
  • Colored vinyl looks better than plain white
  • The great range of colors
  • Add your own sense of style
  • Livestock and horses may need to see the fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

No need for painting

It may seem obvious, but many people miss this point.

You cannot paint a white vinyl fence; you are stuck with it from day one. If you want color on a wood fence, you will need to either stain or paint it.

This can take time, money and you may even need to pay a contractor to do the work.

No such problems with colored vinyl. It comes ready made in the color of your choice.

Colored vinyl looks better than plain white

White vinyl fencing is functional. It does a perfect job as a long-lasting fence on your property.

What happens if you want something a bit different after a couple of years?

The colored vinyl fence adds that extra bit of your taste to the garden and will stand out better than the plain white.

Colored vinyl fencing brightens up the property, while still giving you all the benefits of vinyl.

The great range of colors

There really is an excellent range of colors from which to choose for your next fencing project.

You wouldn’t want a plain wood or iron fence to stand on the property for many years, and the same is true of vinyl.

Take away from the plain look of a white vinyl fence by installing one in a shade such as Redwood or Hunter Green.

Advances in technology allow Fence Supply Online to offer a wide variety of colors as an option to good old white.

Add your own sense of style

On your home property, you may want to add your own touch to the fence.

By choosing a particular color for the vinyl fence, you may complement the look you want for the garden.

The green vinyl will match with the trees along the boundary, or that lawn you are keeping looking so good. There is a Weathered Wood color which gives you a fence that looks well established, though it is brand new.

Colored vinyl allows you to cheat a little with your garden style, adding a few years, but nobody need know but you.

Livestock and horses may need to see the fence

If you are installing a vinyl fence to keep livestock under control, a touch of color may be vital.

Horses, in particular, need to see a fence, so they won’t run into it when galloping around the paddock.

A white vinyl fence will keep the horses under control, but it can blend into the snow or strong sunshine.

Hunter Green, Black or Cedar will keep the fence distinct on the property, safe for the animals when out in the fresh air.

The fence, of course, will also look good, never fade and need very little maintenance.

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