Love thy neighbor often comes to mind when you hear of people falling out along the block. It is not always easy to get along as you should with your neighbors and sometimes too, you may be at fault.

Privacy Fence

Neighbors often fall out over fencing. It happens when it is too high, not appropriately maintained, where there is one missing, or built without permission, along the boundary line.

Privacy fencing is a familiar source of dispute, and many neighbors fall out over this one.

As with all disputes they are best avoided, and neighbors can do so by discussing their plans before construction.

You should involve your neighbors when getting privacy fencing because:

  • It may block out their light and view
  • Your privacy fence may tower over their yard
  • The fence may interfere with the flow of air and rain
  • They may not like the material and maintenance involved
  • It’s always good to talk

It may block out their light and view

This is often the number one issue when disputes over privacy fences arise.

The privacy fence, by its build, blocks out the light and the view on either side of the boundary.

It may not affect your side, but on your neighbor’s one they may lose out on sunlight, and it may cast a long shadow across their yard.

Your neighbors may enjoy a lovely view which your new privacy fence blocks when it goes up.

Getting their view on height, positioning, and even the length of the fence, before you start the project, may solve all the problems in advance.

Your privacy fence may tower over their yard

If your house and garden are at a higher elevation than the neighbors’ you may have a problem.

A privacy fence can seem to tower over the lower property, making the neighbors feel as if they are in a prison yard.

The situation, the fall of the light and the height of your fence can have a significant impact on the neighbor’s yard.

Take a walk on their side of the proposed fence and see how it may appear to them.

You may agree to one of lower height as a compromise.

The fence may interfere with their flow of air and rainwater

A well-built privacy fence can block the flow of air across your neighbor’s land.

It can also shelter their yard from the fall of rain, which may not suit their plants and shrubs.

Your neighbors need light, air and rain to help their garden grow and to prevent damp patches on the lawn.

This can be a problem at any time of the year, even in the cold, winter months.

They may not like the maintenance or the costs involved

Fences along the boundary line are the responsibility of both neighbors.

Neighbors who get along usually share construction costs and the long-term maintenance ones too.

A privacy fence may need a lot of maintenance, and the initial construction may be more expensive than other options.

Discussing the finer details before you start building may help you both to budget for a better fence on the property.

It’s always good to talk

You would be surprised by the number of disputes which neighbors can avoid by having a sit-down at the planning stage of a fence.

The design of the fence may not appeal to both sides, but by discussing the options you will find a solution.

A simple planting of hedging along the existing picket fence may solve your privacy issues.

Remember local planning laws, and even guidance from the neighborhood association, may help to design the right fence.

Talking with the neighbors, involving them in the planning, pricing, and maintenance is always better than a Hatfield and McCoy situation where nobody wins.

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