“Sounds like you could do with a plasma cutter on the farm,” so said one of our experts to a longtime customer last week.

“Now why would I want one of those?” was the not too surprising reply.

A plasma cutter is one of those pieces of machinery you don’t consider, until someone tells you of the benefits.

At Fence Supply Online we now stock a range of machines, coming from our partnership with Forney Industries. They are in business for over 70 years, and Forney put that experience into everything they do. We know that supplying stock from Forney Industries is the best for our customers looking to buy a plasma cutter.

When we talk in the office about our clients, we are always learning something new. The story about the plasma cutter got us thinking about plasma cutter uses and benefits, and we put it to the resident experts. They came up with a few suggestions, and those tips became this post.

Among the reasons why your farm needs a plasma cutter are:

  • Plasma cutters can cut any metal
  • Portability is the name of the game
  • Dirt is not a problem
  • You can gouge with a plasma cutter
  • Versatility is a big appeal

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Plasma cutters can cut any metal

What more do you need to know?

The modern plasma cutter is powerful enough to cut through any of the toughened steel you have on the farm. It also cuts through mild steel without damaging the pieces you want to keep for the repair job.

There is not any need for pre-heating, which can save you a lot of valuable time on the farm.

With a plasma you get straight to work, and move quickly on to the next project.

Portability is the name of the game

Speaking of moving quickly on, the portability of the plasma cutter is very appealing.

While before you would need to lug a heavy machine about, or take the metal to the cutter, not so today.

At Fence Supply Online you can buy a plasma cutter like the Forney 250 Plus, which weighs in at only 43lbs. It stows away easily too and has built-in diagnostic LED lights. You can work in the dark with this one.

Now if you have a broken gate, you can put one on the tractor and take it to the spot.

No more hauling pieces of the fence and machinery back to the shed for repairs.

Dirt is not a problem

With a lot of cutters you will need to clean the working area before starting cutting.

Not so with the plasma cutter.

It will cut through rust, dirt, older metal, and anything else to give you a clean break every time.

Layers of paint are a piece of cake to your new plasma cutter.

You can gouge with a plasma cutter

What happens when you need to remove an existing weld or rivet head?

We know on the farm that older equipment and buildings will have a lot of problem areas.

The plasma cutter is very good at gouging.

It will clear the spot you need to repair, gouging a clean hole for you to get to work.

Welding is more accessible when the metal is evident on any old welds or rivets.

Versatility is a big appeal

If you are not already aware, the plasma cutter is a very versatile piece of equipment.

You can gouge with one. There is not any need for preheating or in cleaning the metal of rust, paint, and dirt.

The machines are portable and getting them around the farm is an easy task

You can also cut parts and precision pieces, as good as any automated tool.

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