Fence Armor

Fence Armor is an excellent product that protects your fence posts.

Such a statement should be enough to convince anyone of the need to install Fence Armor. We know, however, that plenty of you may need more information. The quizzical look we get from clients tells us that not enough people know about Fence Armor, nor of its benefits.

At Fence Supply Online we believe in the benefits. From the years of using it ourselves and in supplying the product to happy customers, we know it works. It is simple to install, is very effective, and what’s more, you can take it with you if you move home.

When one of our new clients asked about post protection recently, we thought it might be an idea to put a piece together on the product. Our best brains got around and gathered their reasons for using Fence Armor from each other.

The list of why your fence posts need Fence Armor includes:

  • Just what is Fence Armor?
  • It gives protection from termites
  • Protect posts against trimmer damage
  • Stack them high
  • Vinyl fence posts need care too

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Just what is Fence Armor?

Fence Armor consists of two plates of American galvanized steel.

The two plates attach to the posts using high-grade, self-tapping, stainless steel screws. You wrap them like a sleeve around the fence post to protect it against many types of damage.

The product comes in a choice of sizes, and you will find one to match that unusual post on the property. Clients put it around the top of the posts, too, to protect against wear and tear.

Fence Supply Online stocks a range of Patriotic styles, which look great and show where your heart lies.

Watch our great video for more Fence Armor news.

It gives protection from termites

Termites love to get into your wooden fence posts and start a family.

Termites cannot fly and gain access through unprotected, lower parts of the fence. They burrow deep into the wood and eat it from the inside out. You will not know they are there until the wood begins to fall apart.

Attaching Fence Armor around the foot of the posts keeps the termites out.

Do not take chances on losing the fence due to termites and attach this product today.

Protect posts against trimmer damage

You like to keep the grass neat and away from the base of the fence posts. Grass and shrubs can be bridges for termites and other forms of rot.

Trimming the grass and undergrowth solves the problem, but the trimmer cord can do a lot of damage. The cord will cut into the wood and remove outer layers of protection.

Fence Armor goes around the post at trimmer height. The galvanized steel protects the wood beneath from the cutting and slashing.

You can attach the plates to damaged posts, to prevent further trouble.

Stack them high

Fence Armor comes in different lengths.

Many of our clients stack them up the fence posts for optimal protection.

When you do this with the Patriotic ones it makes quite the impression.

You will get peace of mind knowing the fence posts are safe from rot and damage.

Vinyl posts need care too

Fence Armor is not just for wooden posts, though they do an excellent job with them.

You can also use it on vinyl posts, which may get a lot of nicks from the trimmer.

Over the years, the cuts may cause the posts to snap in the wind.

Protect all your posts with Fence Armor.

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