One of our clients calls asking about getting a new mail post.

He’s one of our longtime customers and regularly contacts us with questions about fencing and garden jewelry.

“One important factor is getting the mail post to match your front yard fencing,” said the Fence Supply Online expert, after a bit of a chat.

“Why would I need to do that?” the customer asked in reply.

There are a few good answers to the question. The two had a long talk on the phone and decided on the best mail post for the man’s yard. During a coffee break later that day, the subject came up again. Everyone in the room had a reason for why the mail post should match the fencing.

Our list of reasons why the vinyl mail post should match the front yard fencing includes:

  • It just looks better
  • Maintenance is a lot easier
  • The color of the mail post is important
  • The vinyl fence and mail post will not fade

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

It just looks better

This is not a cheeky answer, but it is very accurate.

When the fence and the mail post match, they look so much better. If you go to a lot of trouble getting the garden design right, then you do not want the mail post to stand out like a sore thumb.

Your eyes, and those of the visitors, will glide over the mail post and fence when they match.

If they do not, the picture just will not look right.

Maintenance is a lot easier

If the fence and the mail post are of the same material, then doing the maintenance is much easier.

You will not need to stop and get different products or go out at various times to do the work.

A vinyl fence and mail post do not need a lot of maintenance. A quick clean will keep them both looking like new.

When you have to spend time staining one piece, then you will realize why the two should match.

Keep it simple is one of our rules.

The color of the mail post is important

You should have the mail post and the fence matching in color too.

The post will look like part of the fence, and they will not clash, as can happen when you use differing colors.

Having contrasting colors in garden design is not always a good idea. Maintenance may be more difficult, and any changes may not match the original color scheme.

Try to keep your garden jewelry as neutral as possible and let the flowers get all the notice.

The vinyl fence and mail post will not fade

Using vinyl products made of top quality material is always a great idea.

The vinyl ones will not crack, buckle or chalk under the summer sun or winter cold weather.

The garden will not look perfect if the mail post fades, while the fence does not lose its color.

Top-quality vinyl, which we only sell, will not deteriorate.

The right mail post complements the fence

The matching mail post will fit perfectly with the fence.

It will look perfect close to the sidewalk and match that fence, which runs through the front yard.  The style of the mail post will complement the fence, highlighting the work you do in the yard.

Always pick the mail post to be of the same material and color of the fence and make sure the style matches too.

At Fence Supply Online our mail post selection will match with any choice of quality fence.

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